Flying Weather

Satellite images, webcams, flight plans

My favorites first:
GOES West   excellent photo sequence of west coast cloud movements. Can use to get
a general idea of what's current and what's coming. It's hard, however,
to gauge cloud height. Choose 'animation', 20 images, click on area.  (help)
Wx Un Forecasts   weather underground, many great parts to this site. Change the date
and hour in the lower right hand box. Pretends Mexico has no weather (but
see 'Mexico' entry further down this list).
weather channel   radar images of rain happening right now. Click 'interactive map', with
your mouse "grab" area of interest and center it under the faint
crosshairs in the middle of the display. Then magnify and move as needed.
DUAT   serious flight planning website. Use 'Flight Planner' to define a
route. When viewing Flight Planner summary page, click on 'Get Route
Briefing'. Also good are Graphical TFRs, Weather Graphics:Flight Rules...

And the others:
Weather Meister   Dave V raves about a subscription I should probably consider...
Airport Wx   AirNav Weather Underground airport data. check weather channel then this.
Accuweather   nation-wide storm/heat trends, forecasts
Flight Eagle   flight planning website (from Mo at APC)
GOES East   GOES East. Belize, mexico, west coast
Mexico Wx   wunderground's current wx for list of Mexican cities.
KCRA wx photo   1 still photo, cloud cover, western US, mex, midwest
KTVU   norcal focus, weather, traffic etc.   claims to have "links to every weather site" (?)
Pilot Wx Briefing   ? unfamiliar. ok ?
RAMDIS   choose 4nm fog/reflectivity. very good video loop.
Wx Underground   weather underground, home page.
Storms   Hurricane page of Weather Underground.
LHS webcam   Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley hills, looking towards GG Bridge
webcam list, CA   webcam list. Many unreliable, many great!

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