Flying Organizations

EAA, FBOs, sources of help, info

AOPA   AOPA, Aircraft Owner's and Pilot's Assoc.
BBP   Baja Bush Pilots. trips, tips, info mainly on Baja peninsula
BBP Flyer   sample eFlyer newsletter from Baja Bush Pilots.
EAA HQ   headquarters, Experimental Aircraft Assoc
EAA Camarillo   EAA chapter 723, big/expert, friendly
EAA Concord   EAA chapter 393. frequent fly-outs.
EAA Livermore   EAA chapter 663. 11 EZs at LVK
EAA Santa Rosa   EAA chapter 124, one of the best, BBQs, b'fasts...
EAA Santa Ynez   EAA chapter 491, Long-EZ flight training
EZ Squadron   emphasis on canards   general help, info for homebuilders   aviation editorials, getaway ideas   advanced Long-EZ construction ideas
MDPA   Mt Diablo Pilots Assoc. Concord.
Operation USA   airlift org? asked for help in Tabasco flood. Culver City
Sterling Flight   Plane rental, instruction. Concord. fh h

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