Flying Links

building, C2, Long-Ez, photos, trips, weather etc

Oct2008  Frank fumbles his way through his 1st flight to Mexico.
building   building a plane, info, stories, pix, links
camping   list of airports allowing camping. thanks, AOPA
clubs   clubs, organizations, government, AngelFlight
events   events to fly to, or related to flying
glossary   (shortened)'s aviation glosssary
lodging   bed and breakfasts, camping, references
long-EZs   canard airplanes, notes, pix, fly-ins
N31AK   long-EZ, POH (Pilot Operating Handbook)
norcal_ez   yahoo group for coordinating EZ flights in/thru Northern Calif.
phones   frank's collection of aviation-related phones, url's, email...
stores   stores, parts, kits for aircraft
stories   interesting trip reports, w/ w/o pix, from anyone.
weather   weather, flight prep
wt & bal.   weight and balance spreadsheet from Tim Sullivan
NTSB   accident investigation site
APC   IFR flights to/from Napa
CCR   IFR flights to/from Concord
crash info   causes of plane crashes
fly to lunch   Check this out. can make a nice list of possibilities
Pilot Getaways   Check this out.

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