N31AK POH, Pilot Operating Handbook

Readiness Checklist, Ok to fly it?

file: web/c00_readiness.html

TimeMaintenance Item. hobbs: 6/22/08:795.3, 10/2:825
7/09 Annual due
10/10 Pitot Static, IFR $240
9/08 ELT batteries, 2yrs
9/08 ELT remote battery (in panel), 2yrs. annual test
852hrs Oil change due, (50hrs b/c filter installed)
852hrs change oil filter (50 hrs)
852hrs check air filter (50 hrs ?). while cowling off.
815hrs inspect, clean, or change top plugs (25hrs). done 795.0
815hrs inspect, clean, or change btm plugs (consider 20 hrs)
7/26/08 prop last torqued
9/06 vacuum filter last changed (behind panel)
sept 08 chk/fill main tires. 42psi new 5x5 tires. monthly.
10/2/08 nose tire last filled. 40psi
5/13/09 insurance expires. $925

Pilot IssueFrankMark
medical due5/099/09
BFR due5/0910/09
IFR currency lapses3/31/09-
current for passengers2/2/09-
current for pax, night--

"current for passengers" means 3 landing in previous 90 days, same type of plane.

battery-powered gadgets

Some important gadgetry requires battery power. Please consider the following when planning a long flight. Unfortunately, I don't have numbers indicating how long each of the following will run on fresh batteries.

Name Notes
1 $$ 4? hand-held Icom The radio must be charged on special charger. Carry radio on night flights to turn on Pilot controlled runway lights. Check ATIS before engine start too.
2 AA 8? Lightspeed
To see if it needs batts, face the adjustment blob towards you depress left button to turn On, press right button to test. If all 3 Leds turn on you have full (enuf) batteries. Need to turn it off after flight!
2 AA 8? Magellan
315 GPS
Can be used intermittently to conserve power.
4 AA ? Garmin-
196 GPS
Press 'Lightbulb key' to start, 'Ok' to agree, quit menu, Page until you see battery summary at bottom. last battery check: 7/20/07 50%
2 AAA 2 years (?) kneeboard
screen goes blank if it needs batteries unscrew rear cover. note date of change here: Sept 08
1 3.6v 10? pulse
Battery is a "3.6v, 1/2 AA Tadiran lithium". It's the diameter of an AA but 1/2 as long. Thin screwdriver needed to pop the lid. Wayne says this can be purchased from Radio Shack, (probably using their online store)
2 AA ? small VOM Unscrew rear cover to access. Not needed for flight
3 AA 4? small "RayoVac"
head lamp
Some lamp is helpful at night.
2 AAA 3? the large
head lamp
Some lamp is helpful at night
2 D 3? electric
1 per sock. not sure they work!
2 D 3? big
night time, but not for flight.
// calipers take a special "watch battery"