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161031: doc/ LG 'headset' glossary_comp. see $pub/doc/androidVoiceOptions.txt

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Links to projects

A lot of material on various subjects is contained in various project files, nearly all of which conform to the file naming convention, 'define_$PROJECT.html'. Other info may still be in $doc, the cache of info before the project-related emphasis took over.
eg: C,C++,Cplus should all route a reader to define_cplus.html which might, in turn, link to info pockets on makefiles, books, source tree areas, etc.

Links to gadget documentation

(i need a place from which to locate docs for a named gadget, either 1-off or model. Will do this in a manner compatible w/ other glossary files - in case these entries end up moving).
'4x4' == ~ 4x4 inch plastic container. safeway. a little over an inch tall.
'4x4H'== ~ taller 4x4 inch plastic container. safeway. around 2" tall.
'4x8H'== ~ taller 4x8 inch plastic container. safeway. around 2" tall.
'bag' ==
'box' ==
'cont1'== container type 1, 'large' plastic container. low  _ qt
'cont2'== container type  , 'large' plastic container. tall  _ qt
'cont3'== container type  ,
'cont4'== container type  ,
ASUS tablet
ASUS msg: at 1st keybd pairing, slide switch right, hold 5 sec, then tap notification to start pairing.
Battery Management System
box "Chassis"
box "Electronic Components"
chemistry set
LG headset
router for house
Rigol, 4 channel. pretty!
Korad DC power supply
signal generator
soldering station
auto batteries, 12v
36vdc supply, fm 115vac
capacitors, my DIY
compass, ceiling compass
compass, floating needle
inductor, my wound inductors on sticks
inductor test values. on a small proto board
lock box, on hangar. 2018
veggie gadgets

Context markers, programming languages, hardware type

This particular glossary is a consolidation point for terms arriving from many other files (contexts), such as terms found in javascript. And sometimes it's useful to know the context under which a definition was found. And sometimes a term has a similar meaning in several contexts. Many entries here predate the effort to attach context info but, where context info is available, it'll be placed immediately after the <dd> inside parentheses. Note too that commas surround both ends of each term, eg:

The following lists the context names found in this document.
google docs. googleDocs. search tags _gdrv, _gdoc, online 'G Suite Learning Center' link to 'G Suite Learning Center' TODO. levitation h/w. small thing ordered 2018. containerId. where TODO. wordpress. used at BMS. 2018
context more notes
app  sw app, mine or not, prjt or not
ardo  arduino
bash  $doc/bash*; scripts, frank scriptsTODO
co  company, non-profit or not, organizn
css prjt 
html prjt 
hw  hardware, architecture, device names
js prjtjavascript
joomla prjt 
msp  TI msp430
networks  s/w or h/w
nix  linux or unix
pc  pertaining to PC architecture, hardware
perl prjt 
php prjt 
prjt  project. may not be in $p or archive trees
ruby prjt 
secr  security
sw  software issue, technique, module, lib
swlang  software language, or IDE for?
sys  drivers, system level stuff
tool  software utility
web  general, protocol(s)...
wndoz  windows
architecture files. TODOneed more def. ___
object fileformat. used by motorola(?)
specific contents? inputs?
as in config*.in input to autoconfig(?)
are java files. like libraries?
preprocessor. script.
text file. accompanies GitHub entries(?). format reqs?
microsoft's term for using XML as core to
can make with OpenOffice or PrimoPDF. says "Programming Interviews Exposed" (kindle loc 263)
object file, position independent code.
perl script
PNG image
some servers will only run SSI on these type files.
DSOs, Dynamic Shared Objects. like DLLs. Apache bk pg53.
Small Web Format. was 'shockWave Flash', adobe.
Can be played by GNU's 'Gnash'; see
program script written for TCL ("tickle")
script file. sonOf TkSolver (?)
"home". self. local loop-back. 2-8 almost never used
"default time server". programs:systems:time/date props
5272 == Motorola's Coldfire cpu.
920 text editor
Android. on Note 3
920 Text Editor is an open source text editor for the Android platform.
It is notable for an impressive set of features and powerful functions.
This application makes it easy to view or edit code. It can also be used
as a basic e-book reader to open .txt books.
Multi Tab - open different files in different tabs
Syntax highlighting: HTML/XML, PHP, ASP, C#, C, C++, Erlang, Frink,
Javascript, Java, JSP, Perl, Python, Shell, ActionScript, VB, SQL, conf,
CSS, lua, Tcl, TeX/LaTeX, Verilog, WML, AutoHotKey, AutoLisp, PowerShell,
Go, Matlab, ColdFusion, Fortran, and VHDL
Show line numbers
Show blank characters (tabs, line breaks)
Easy toolbar, you can quickly make a new file, open, save, save as,
undo/redo, and some commonly used symbols, back to last edit location, etc.
Large icons toolbar
List of recently opened files history
Regular search, replace or replace all
Change the font and font size. Text size can be enlarged or reduced by touch
"Word wrap" switch
Remember the last open file
Hide the soft keyboard, long press the edit area can be turn on
Long press the "edit area" you can convert selected text to uppercase/lowercase
Auto indent
Keep the screen in the awake state
File manager which allowes users to delete or rename files, or open a file
with another application to view, copy/move etc
Use the volume keys to quickly switch the display/hide the toolbar,
full-screen mode
Preview the HTML file
Document statistics
Power Color Picker
Quick save shortcut
Auto save option
Lock the screen orientation
Try to run with root permissions
access point
point in a network where wired devices can get thru to wireless and visa versa. See WAP TODO "generation"
access control list (?). windows(?)
action memo
samsung term, smart phone. not in wikip.
Action Memo is meant for quick notes that you can take action on now or later.
To start an Action Memo, just hover your S Pen over the screen and press the button.
The Air Command fan will appear. Just tap on the first option, Action Memo.

You can now write whatever you want in the memo such as a phone number, email address,
or street address. Just tap on the "Link To Action" button at the top and it will highlight
what you wrote. You will then be given an opportunity to make a phone call,
add a new contact, send a text, send an email, search the Web, open Maps, or add items
to a todo list. Just choose the appropriate action. You can even save your Action Memos
to use later by tapping on the checkmark at the top right. To open previously saved
Action Memos, just open the Action Memo app from your app drawer.

must see video: !
(,netw,) 'ad-hoc' because it doesn't rely on existing routers etc. dynamic forwarding. Links made or broken dynamically.
works by (local) network, not Bluetooth. Can transfer files phone<->laptop;
AirDroid is completely free; it doesn’t even contain ads. It functions as a web server,
allowing your Android device and your computer to communicate over the network.

AirDroid is available for free from the Android Market (saw screen image of phone going
to Play Store...)
It supports Android 2.1 and
later. Android 4.0 isn’t as well supported at the moment, but AirDroid should update
with improved support soon. (160615)

1. Launch AirDroid on cell phone.
2. Tap Start on cell phone to start the AirDroid _SERVER_
3. Note that the cell phone screen contains (the phone's) IP address and
   it's inviting you to connect on to that address on port 8888.
3. plug the IP address into your web browser’s address bar, eg:    note the colon before the 8's
   NOTE !!! I'll write 'PC' to identify the machine which is connecting
   to the phone. Except for screen size problems, I think it could be
   another phone, a linux box etc.
4. type in 'password'. Use the code from your phone's screen to log in.
5. To:
  a: review mem free, total size, etc, click 'Details' in right hand box.
  b: transfer files, either direction, click on Files icon.
     ('Export' means phone to PC, 'Import' (PC to phone)
  c: take a photo and transfer the image to the PC
    1. click on the camera icon
    2. click on the camera icon, near the center of the bottom border.
       This will make a file "camera.jpg" and Saving it will put it into
       your downloads. A 2nd photo will overwrite the 1st (same name).

wikihow sez you can stream your camera's image onto the PC's.
says you can gather screenshots of your android.
can send text messages ('SMS') from your laptop thru the phone (big keyboard!).
can show photos which are still on your phone. big screen.

see app "Android Lost" too.
android, commands
'info menu' interesting
[3] *#*#232337#*#  find your bluetooth address
Android Programming Kit (?)
An APK file is the file format used for installing software (usually
games or apps) on the Android operating system.
address resolution protocol.
takes care of cron jobs missed while power off (?)
access point, AP list of APs made by client's "scan" operation.
pgm to start, stop apache
arduino versions
(,webCtl,) The Arduino releases contain the IDE, drivers, libraries, and examples and each release is given a distinct 'version number'. ("Release number" is more appropriate than "version number" since the functionality only has minor enhancements, release to release).

  • 0018: This number identified arduino's release years ago. It could be viewed as "0.018", implying it's a test release pre-dating the 1st "1.0" real release.
  • 0021:
  • 0023: This release was current in 2011
  • 1.0: current as of May 2012
  • 1.0+: a program claiming compatibility with "1.0+" means it works with "1.0" and expects to work with all following releases.
  • 1.03: downloaded to Castor and Lenovo Jan '13.
model the component structure of nearly anything using "array of struct of array of struct". Scripting languages all seem to support this notion; it would be a little more difficult in C.

see hotAirBalloon/dictionaryTree.txt Would be hard to 'keep it simple'. Full blown looks like months+ of work. No time for that. 180301
the gcc assembler. gnu. 'man as'. often called 'gas'
active server page ( scripts on server side. often built w/ JScript, VBScript or ActiveX data objects ADOs
is new way to do ASP. microsoft. see ".NET" below
// fm then search for title: Wireless Client Association A wireless client's association to a selected access point is actually the second step in a two-step process. First, authentication and then association must occur before an 802.11 client can pass traffic through the access point to another host on the network. Client authentication in this initial process is not the same as network authentication (entering username and password to get access to the network). Client authentication is simply the first step (followed by association) between the wireless client and access point, and it establishes communication. The 802.11 standard specifies only two different methods of authentication: open authentication and shared key authentication. - Open authentication is simply the exchange of four "hello" type packets with no client or access point verification, to allow ease of connectivity. - Shared key authentication uses a statically defined WEP key, known between the client and access point, for verification. This same key might or might not be used to encrypt the actual data passing between a wireless client and an access point based on user configuration.
std for CD RW (?).
tinyAVR. 8 bit, 8/20 pin. some larger.
(html doc)
Sound editing software. for windows. My notes are in projects/ringtones/define_ringtones.html
controls enable/disable/etc for LDAP,md5,cache,kerberos,NIS...
Automatic Pet Feeder
(,webCtl,) "feeder" project
"feeder" project
AVS tools
(,video,video editing,)
. bought for Pinot. $59 (pounds? dollars?)
  receipts in c:/p/AVS*.png for now. 59.00 USD

  Enjoy using all 16 AVS4YOU tools without limitations

  The information for your products/services
  AVS4YOU Unlimited Subscription (AVS4You Product Kit)
  Activation key 0c7cc98f-cb5f-4997-83be-84ae4964a025
  email'd key -> c same
  Please activate the AVS4YOU Software later once again if it fails on the first try.
  installed video converter. found 'frank' is already 'administrator'. whew.

  win8 gesture, searched "AVS4YOU", copy/pasted key to its window. "activation successful"

  downloaded 'media player' and it asked to 'associate video and/or audio filetypes'. TODO!
      has a 'playlist' ! cool

  audio install. selected option to work w/ real media. but ignored midi option.
RHCE p444. web stats. needs log files in certain formats.
Authentication Configuration Tool
An avatar is something that represents you. In the computer world, it's generally just a head or face of what you are pretending to look like. Logitech, a manufacturer of webcams, defines avatar as a 'three-dimensional animated character'.

Avatars can be useful if you want to video chat with someone without showing the viewer that you aren't combed or, in the case of women, haven't applied makeup. The avatar image fills the viewers screen area for the conversation - so the avatar will hide a messy room etc.

An simple yet playful avatar can be created with a webcam and a puppet:

  • attach a webcam, eg Logitech 920
  • declare the webcam to be the video signal provider for your computer system.
  • connect your computer to the viewer's computer
pub/doc/avatar*.png, collected at 4:3 ratio (190404).

The avatars created with puppets for Ohmni are made 'real time', not from files. My names for them are 'Fuzzy Bear' and 'Woodstock'.

wikip poor description if you're looking for playful definitions.

net admin guide sez their website has scripts to check for security holes in a machine. pg 14
Bastion Host
highly secured computer that serves as an organization's main point of presence on the internet. Typically resides on the "perimeter network". Can be a two-computer setup, one looking outwards (to Internet), the other serving intranet. Secrets 650
Big Data
re jobs in BD, Business Intelligence, Analytics etc: Ruth's summary: "these guys are pretty good, well-targeted."
dns. most popular.
cmd line tools for building C pgms. gcc, assembler, linker, etc
Encrypts a hard drive so contents can't be stolen. Have to re-enter a PIN (password) when starting up a system.
source code control for environments with multiple storage sites. walks line between GPL and commercial
(subdir) ? for ?
list of URLs which have sent or passed spam. Mail from these sites is blocked.
blackhole list
RHCE p254. think it's same as "blacklist".
book "Basic Linux Programming"
see T220 speaker example.
plantronics Voyager 510 ear piece also. 160629: takes LOTs of power. udemy video on arduino wireless. HC-05 older than 06. master or slave. 6 pins. HC-06 newer version. slave only. 4 pins
bma180 project
2010 (?) project to interface an arduino to a 3 axis accelerometer and graph the data realtime on a laptop running Processing.
bma180 'accel' prjt  to interface a 3 axis "BMA180" to an Arduino. On a basic 'shield'.
graphAccel prjt  to build the PC-side UI for gathering accelerometer data.
free web server. part of uClinux. Apache bk, pg32 "respectable".
TCP/IP protocol. sends IP info from remote DHCP server.
(,netw,): hardware component used to connect two or more network segments. wireless to cable, for example. Some OS's provide this functionality.
made CPU used in Amazon's Rio.
Some employees from there, in England, created Raspberry Pi.
see Wiced too
(,netw,) Basic SSID. mentioned in netgear page and in wiki SSID
Bluetooth Headset, LG model HBS-750
C-shaped to fit around neck. Not to get wet.
3"x3" manual in "papers" box. manual light colored, long. Dark overview separate.
Can drive this w/ phone (duh) or (any?) music app, or LG's SMS (text) reader !
    LG "BT Reader", google play. // text -> speech -> BT (?)
Has equalizer also.
sketch in "bluetoothHeadsetLG.png", 4/1/2014.
pairs as name LG HBS750; phone and media audio.
'streaming' controls on right side. from front most to rear:
    FF      // skips current song (?)
    REW     // goes back a song.
phone controls on left:
    Call Button (w/ LED)
    Vol Dn
    Vol Up

procs {
    charge: USB. will turn off device regardless of On/Off sw.
    Vol Dn > 1 sec asks batt status. It speaks to you. and blinks LED. color != red ok
    re-pair BT:
Ubuntu laptop computer, in office. password forgotten(?) 181216 Contains the primary copy (only?) of 'our music', scraped years ago, put into public domain format.
ISO C, 1999 spec. see "info gcc", "Standards"
technique for naming variables in a computer language. No underscores. Names usually begin with a lower case letter. Every new word added to the name begins with a capital letter.
camera pixel2
camera setup {
touch camera icon to get camera s/w running.
choose 'more', then 'settings'
    Back camera photo resolution  (4:3) 12.2 mega
    Front camera photo resolution (16:9) 0.2 mega
    Back camera video resolution  HD 1080p
    Front camera video resolution SD 480p
    Video stabilization  On
values obtained w/ Properties; 'General' and 'Details'
video test1: 75 secs, 1920,1080 30fps, 198mb    'Back camera', normal shooting method
video test2: 75 secs, 720x480, 20f/sec, 54mb => SD 480p => Front (== selfie)
Result of test: changing Photo.Back.res from 4:3/12.2 to (16:9)0.9 (lowest possible)
The 5mb yahoo limit implies no video larger than 7 seconds !
_MAYBE_ the complicated background in the garage caused the large video size; ANS: no
These Retests were done 7'3" from garage door.
Retest 1. bland background (inside of garage door), 75s.
video numbers didn't change
Retest 2. turn off video stabilization
seems to make same size videos. Turning it back on
See 'vv_note3Video'

downloading pix or videos (procedure) {

camera pixel2
I set video to 320 x 240 (or thereabouts). 75s video 8.3mb; 5mb (yahoo limit) would be about 45s
The image is not good!
Code Composer Essential. the free (crippled) version of the msp compiler
(,msp,) toolchain from Texas Instruments.
C gibberish to English. can compose C declarations too
declare foo as pointer to function (pointer to const void) returning int
    int (*foo)(const void *)
CD, read/write. some old drives can't handle these.
command line CD writer. must have files specially prepared before using cdrecord. must be root (?)
see "digital certificate"
Certificate filename extensions
Common filename extensions for X.509 certificates are:
    .pem - (Privacy-enhanced Electronic Mail) Base64 encoded DER certificate, enclosed between
    "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----"
    .cer, .crt, .der - usually in binary DER form, but Base64-encoded certificates are common too (see .pem above)
    .p7b, .p7c - PKCS#7 SignedData structure without data, just certificate(s) or CRL(s)
    .p12 - PKCS#12, may contain certificate(s) (public) and private keys (password protected)
    .pfx - PFX, predecessor of PKCS#12 (usually contains data in PKCS#12 format, e.g., with PFX files generated in IIS)
change list
SE makes & distributes this prior to releasing his code files into source code control.
Common Internet File System. Microsoft's term. ==Samba.
Lithium battery. 3.7volts. 650mA. 2.4wh, fry's 160412
see $p/tools/cygwin/define_cygwin.html
download state and files are kept in downloads on Lenovo.
class B
IP adr format used by most big companies. The 1st 2 numbers are network address; last 2 are for the computer. see "subnetmask". 1st byte between 128 and 191 incl. For ANY range of addresses in a network, the 1st and last are reserved (stuff like broadcasting).
class C
IP. high byte of adr is 11xxxxxx so numbers 192-223 in its range. 223,not 255, cuz some numbers have special assignments.
172. ? . ?
PNG/png term. len32,type32,data,CRC32. type is pseudo-ascii. upper/lower case defined mandatory or not.
Hardware Compatibility List. at ?
Command Line Interface (as opposed to a GUI)
clear interrupt enable.
used in DNS config files. column is alias, rhs defines Canonical name for this alias.
common object file format
An android app on the present cellphone (160617). Prime function is to connect, via SSH, to an SSH server such as "sshd" (daemon(?)) on the Canopus (ubuntu linux) system.
console log
A firefox feature (and chrome(?)). Access via Firefox 'tools' menu. Typically you'd only want a single tab active and, if the internet is needed during the session for other things, put that activity on another browser. Your javascript can write to the console directly:
consol.log( whatever );
and 'whatever' can even be an object w/o any intro string.
Console.log also logs errors, even in css, even in library routines. It gives file and line numbers. Very good.
cookie manager
cookies are stored in a database ~/.mozilla/root/.../ cookies.txt but managed as part of a database. The text file warns you not to delete entries with an editor but, rather, use the "cookie manager". www suggests people have pgms by that name but there is a portion of mozilla called "cookie manager": Edit:Preferences:Privacy&Security:Cookies:Manage Stored Cookies
same as OSI concept of a session. Secrets book, networking
pgm to test filesystems, permissions etc for security. net admin guide, pg14.
(gcc) env variable defining a path for <> includes. See $scripts/
(makefile). args passed to PreProcessor CPPFLAGS = -D_REENtrANT -D_ThrEAD_SAFE -I../../lib -I..
File System. ?? in linux driver or kernel books?
160202: I seemed to have installed it before the lenovo
crash - and I had a pdf. No sign of it now.
source forge site for it.
man page
I made a project page for it 2014 02(feb).
Common Unix Printing System. RHCE book
The curses library supplies a terminal-independent screen-painting and keyboard-handling facility for text-based terminals; such terminals include VT100s, the Linux console, and the simulated terminal provided by X11 programs such as xterm and rxvt. Display terminals support various control codes to perform common operations such as moving the cursor, scrolling the screen, and erasing areas. Different terminals use widely differing codes, and often have their own minor quirks.
The above from for python
are passed to c++ compiler. -g for gdb symbols
cross-space copies
driver bk pg 78
"callout devices" (serial ports). for dialing out. deprecated. pg 31 of linux net admin guide
"command line web utility", C URL !
IAR's debugger for msp430
data logger
my prjt

very simple one described, coded in section 32(?) of video:
Device Config Table (router? amazon? rio?)
temperature and humidity sensor.  $5
The DHT11 is a basic, ultra low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor.
It uses a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the
surrounding air, and spits out a digital signal on the data pin
(no analog input pins needed). Its fairly simple to use, but requires
careful timing to grab data. The only real downside of this sensor is
you can only get new data from it once every 2 seconds, so when using
our library, sensor readings can be up to 2 seconds old.

Compared to the DHT22, this sensor is less precise, less accurate and
works in a smaller range of temperature/humidity, but its smaller and
less expensive

Comes with a 4.7K or 10K resistor, which you will want to use as a
pullup from the data pin to VCC.

Section 29 of following video: lec 10 re DHT-11 library, VirtualWire
digital certificate
has 'public key'
ID of owner.
pg 51 ref 1 debug GUI for gnu debugger.
(,webCtl,) DDNS Dynamic Domain Name System. a setup in linksys router (-G)
140215: believe I set this up w/ Jan '13. see louvers
project "ddns"
arduino glossary
    dynamic DNS scheme to let cpus obtain temporary IPAddRs and routing
    so they can be servers. (?)
tzo choice expands to
email address, password, domainName: (current)IP: Status:
DynDNS expands to
user name: password: hostname: IP: status:
debian linux distro
maker 'ian' had girlfriend 'deb' !
debian is the basis for ubuntu and raspbian
DHCP, dynamic host config protocol. DHCP dispenses IP addresses for transient computers.
the DHCP daemon. dhcp
DHCP Release
operations mentioned in router setup. dhcp is breaking the binding between a computer and its IP adr. happens when 'lease' expires or operator requests it.
DHCP Renew
operations mentioned in router setup. the act of generating and assigning a new IP adr to a machine under DHCP.
DNS written by D Bernstein. has tinydns, several other pgms.
default gateway
handles pkts for any other (non-local) net. This would often be a router which connects, on its WAN side, to DSL etc.
delivery agent
(email). after destination MTA done, mail is moved by delivery agent into user's mail box. eg. mail.local
Digital Certificate
A Digital Certificate typically contains the:
  • Owner's public key Owner's name
  • Expiration date of the public key
  • Name of the issuer (the CA that issued the Digital Certificate)
  • Serial number of the Digital Certificate
  • Digital signatureof the issuer
The most widely accepted format for Digital Certificates is defined by the CCITT X.509 international standard; thus certificates can be read or written by any application complying with X.509. The certificate is signed using the certificate issuer’s (CA) private key. Everybody knows the certificate issuer’s public key. Certificates are a standard way of binding a public key to a name. A digital signature scheme typically consists of three algorithms:
  • A key generation algorithm that generates key pairs. The algorithm outputs the private key and a corresponding public key.
  • A signing algorithm which, given a message and a private key, produces a signature.
  • A signature verifying algorithm which given a message, public key and a signature, either accepts or rejects the message's claim to authenticity.
display manager
gdm (gnome), kdm(KDE), xdm.
GNU'd tools for DOS. seen in lynx source
router feature supporting video conferencing or gaming. syn="perimeter network". Putting your (home) web server "on the DMZ" exposes it to the internet, bypassing any "port forwarding" definitions. This is a debug technique (usually). Machines can also be placed on the DMZ purposefully but protections are most important there. Data Management Zone
DNS... ?
Document Root
/var/www/html /var/www/cgi-bin ... RH7.3pg414 start of dir tree containing your html docs and related files. value assigned in httpd.conf
"a set of computers" NIS Network Information Service. (was "Yellow Pages", Sun Micro.) A NIS/YP system maintains and distributes a central directory of user and group information, hostnames, e-mail aliases and other text-based tables of information in a computer network. For example, in a common UNIX environment, the list of users for identification is placed in /etc/passwd, and secret authentication hashes in /etc/shadow. NIS adds another “global” user list which is used for identifying users on any client of the NIS domain. Administrators have the ability to configure NIS to serve password data to outside processes to authenticate users using various versions of the Unix crypt(3) hash algorithms. However in such cases, any NIS client can retrieve the entire password database for offline inspection. Kerberos was designed to handle authentication in a more secure manner. DNS PDC type (windows). Primary Domain Controller. pre Win2000 The "User Manager for Domains" is a utility for maintaining user/group information. It uses the domain security database on the primary controller. The PDC has the master copy of the user accounts database which it can access and modify. Newer MS scheme is Active Directory: An AD domain controller authenticates and authorizes all users and computers in a Windows domain type network—assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers and installing or updating software. For example, when a user logs into a computer that is part of a Windows domain, Active Directory checks the submitted password and determines whether the user is a system administrator or normal user. Active Directory makes use of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) versions 2 and 3, Microsoft's version of Kerberos, and DNS.
domain alias
(called "C names" at is a modified version of a domain name. shop. etc.
Droid Edit
can handle: Dropbox, Drive, Box #what IS 'box' ?

160728: don't like droidEdit for anything but code. eg python
160627 2GB free.
    arduinoInternals.pdf, Dropbox getting started
    doc/  gt 2 yrs old. bash,unix,perl_how,c_notes
    scripts/ awk/ perl/ _js/  ruby Examples/
    DroidEdit cn fetch files from DB (slowly)
    ?? note to self "set .txt to use .sh ??; DB editor. Chg in Settings ??
s Dynamic Shared Objects. like dlLs. Apache bk pg53. .so files
dual-homed host
secrets 651
duck typing
python (and other scripting languages) use this. soft typing. question seems to be if a method can handle whatever it is. origin "if it walks, swims, and quacks like a duck, then I call it a duck" wikipedia python, etc
PCB layout software.
SFE has their own, much smaller, libraries.
And it's implied that they're using "eagle light".
SFE eagle
usb 2.0 driver. incompatible w/ RH7.3. see also uhci, ohci
obj format for motorola(?) mentioned in bootloader notes?
El Torito
a CD rom format which is bootable. LCookbook pg 180
Enterprise Server. Red Hat. $349 !
operated independently of the Arduino board yet is programmable via
the Arduino IDE (Newer versions). To make it work you will need to
download the board support package and board driver. I have included
instructions for this and links on the Udemy course website.
udemy course. Sections 26-28 of video.
he strongly prefers model "ESP8266 12-E" (mo pins)
(author of '')
(,netw,) Extended SSID. a type of SSID (see netgear paper)
Wiznet 5100. "W5100" a very good implementation. compat w/ arduino's & shield
ethernet switch
(,netw,) : == network switch transmits the message only to that device for which the message was meant smarter than 'hub' transmits it to all the other devices on its network
reads stuff off enet port. secure servers pg411
Excel Graphing
(fm Mz Lowande)
Enter your x data into a column
Enter your y data into an adjacent column
Click 'Insert Chart'
Select xy (scatter) then next
If Excel didn't automatically select the correct data, select box at the
end of the data range line, then select the correct columns
Select the series tab and title you series
Type the chart title, X axis, and Y axis labels including the the units in (). Next
Set as object in sheet 1 then finish
Select chart add trendline
Select the type of graph you expect then OK
Select the trendline
Select format selected trendline
Select the options tab, then select display equation on chart and display R^2 value
on chart then ok
for LTT (/Linux?) ref: TraceToolkit###/Help/ltt-intro*
secure servers p331,
per visibone "Browser booklet", this is the tiny icon shown in the browser's tab for a page.
Flash Emulation Tool. TI's. for msp430 devt.
pgm which lets you split VFAT partitions. RHCE book.
firewall stuff
base of arduino environment (?)
/* This protocol uses the MIDI message format, but does not use the whole
 * protocol.  Most of the command mappings here will not be directly usable in
 * terms of MIDI controllers and synths.  It should co-exist with MIDI without
 * trouble and can be parsed by standard MIDI interpreters.  Just some of the
 * message data is used differently.
 * MIDI format:

Firmata has a mini-python for the arduino (?)

flyback diode
diode needed to suppress the induction-caused spike which can damage the parent circuit. This polarity of this spike is the opposite of what the circuit used to create the magnetic field. Suddenly stopping support for that field, as happens when a switch turns off, allows the field to collapse. A typical such diode is from the 1N4000 series such as the 1N4001 (smallest of the family). 1N4004 the largest.
F00F bug
mentioned as a bug in some cpus. see msg-digest.c
file operations. pg 63, driver book
file operations. pg 63, driver book
File Transfer Protocol ftp -i from unix.txt (?) dir // like DOS. ls synonym cd web // you're walking around _remote_machine_ pwd // remote machine mdelete *.JPG // case sensitive cd .. // remote machine mput web/*.jpg // send localDir/web/*.jpg to remoteDir/web/ bye // sign off, breaks connection The ftp commands for a canned session, including account and password can be piped in - and the ftp responses can be piped out, eg: ftp -i outputs.txt cd /cygdrive/e -web -o /cygdrive/c/tmp cd /cygdrive/c/tmp rm *.tmp indexYahoo.html lftp -u c2builder,helios mirror -R . bye lftp -u c2builder,Yahoo1811 # syntax doesnt wk on sftp > mirror -R . > bye weird on wildcards. glob -a rm -r -f * #dunno why the glob is needed. seems stupid had troubles getting simple DIR, rm, etc to work. to find files, I had to use 'find .' but it wouldn't go into directories. Maybe I was supposed to use glob there too. ftp // see also lftp. this was on cygwin noteFtp01: An ftp connection will timeout on inactivity. noteFtp02: When you start the connection, you'll be in the spec'd directory of the remote machine. It's expected that, on your local machine, you're in a directory which corresponds to that remote directory. One way of sending files has you give the relative path each time; it's applied to both machines. An alternative is to use 'cd' and 'lcd' to change directories on both machines.
secure sockets version of FTP (?) RHCE pg 367 Seen recently in discussions on Yahoo upload, download.
perl term to refer to predefined routines (in perl itself). alternative is 'subroutine', user-defined.
functional programming
avail mem size. image handling ability? Intel
    Intel Quark SoC X1000 Processor, a 32-bit Intel Pentium®-class (SoC).
    amazon. $60 "single"?  amazon Eleduino $15 case for galileo
    edison is based on the Intel Atom. dunno the date. Linux always. cmd line!
        but reviews say "not ready, still buggy" !
daemon for routing (?). mentioned in lnx net admin guide
The 'node' on a net which provides a path to another net.
    see default gateway

    Sometimes synonym for "router" but a
    gateway is supposed to be a router-like device which connects
    2 dissimilar networks. The gateway is expected to translate between

    However, common parlance treats gateway as a device on YOUR network
    which feeds thru to another network (presumably w/ a different
    network number), whether it's of the same type or not.
definition in sysconfig/network or sysconfig/devices/ifcfg-eth0 etc. gives an IP adr for packets leaving the associated network. The device having that IP will also have 1 or more other IPs (for its other network(s))
wikip, RS-274), has many variants
link to 3DPrinter/ folder, define_3Dprinter.html
RepRap public domain 3D printer design (?)
pg 51 of ref1
pgm mentioned in msp430 gnu toolchain msp430-gdbproxy --port=2000 msp430 will start it
a GNU module (?) which supports "internationalization". ref'd in libgphoto docs. a "coming thing"
strictly a command-line tool.

Basic git operations:
- checkout/clone Something to 'working dir', local machine
    this could start w/ you creating a file
- stage fixes // to staging area. aka 'index'. all related chgs combined
- commit from staging area to repo (.git dir); has metadata
- push change into remote repo

Unlike Git, which is strictly a command-line tool, GitHub provides a Web-based
graphical interface
GNU C library. fm 'info gcc', section 'Standard Libraries'
glue records
in a (high level) DNS zone file, these point to lower level machines which contain DNS for those lower levels.
synonym, on some systems, for GNU's make program
synonym, on some systems, for GNU's make program
gdoc, gDoc, gDocs
Google Doc
Google Drive, my abbrev
DOC, Google Docs
160627 "have 15 GB free". My Google Drive.  ?? which account ?
    can't render html. html files chg'd to txt on upload (?).
    tried 'downloading' file fm Docs and it made it a pdf !
    have a bunch of files "out there", unreadable on cell phone:
    on Note3: "Doc has stopped working". even after reboot.
    see DropBox
Google Drive, host web pages
Host webpages with Google Drive, an expansion of:

With Drive, you can make web resources, like HTML, CSS, and Javascript files, viewable as a website. (Google Drive does not support web resources that make use of server-side scripting languages like PHP. duh).

(fgh: this was disappointing: It does display an html file as a web page but the source file isn't then editable (b/c it's not a Google Doc)! The site must be totally public. It's labor intensive and it isn't obvious how to reduce the labor w/ scripting. There must be "an API for that..?.". Even if a scripting-based method is found, there's a problem in translating local link values to cloud addresses.)

Here's how they said to do this: (and my notes)
  • Create a new folder in Drive and share it as "Public on the web."
    • 'Create'; 'Folder'; name it;
    • click share icon (silhouette of a person)
    • "Who has access": click "change", select "Public on the web."
    • click 'Done', at bottom
    • FWIW, it made link:
  • Upload your HTML, Javascript, and CSS files to this folder.
    • (the "upload settings" for gdrv were important for getting non-web uploads to become editable on gdrv. Not wanting these uploads to get converted to gDoc format, I unchecked all, most importantly "convert uploaded files to Goggle Docs format")
      • in Google Drive's web UI
      • click the 'gear' icon at the right
      • click "upload settings"
      • uncheck "convert uploaded files to Goggle Docs format"
    • Click into the new folder
    • Clicked red box w/ up arrow ("Upload"), "Files" since I just made a new folder
    • uploaded each folder independently of 'files' (doc/, webish/)
    • clicking on .html shows its text; doesn't display as a web page
  • Open the HTML file and click Open in the bottom-right corner.
    // still see the html source...
  • Click the "Preview" button in the toolbar.
    // now it looks like a correct web page.
Share the URL from the preview window and anyone can view your web page. Eg:
Google Dashboard
GoPro App
google play
wide angle camera, video and stills
See video prjt and the procedure definitions starting with how to download
GoPro pdf
Wiki, <-- great article todo: document (?) wifi connect to goPro
library. The analysis & display tools which come with LTT use this library (though LTT can exist w/o these displays) Used to plot the trace of CPU load(s)
process of
  1. removing unnecessary modules, pgms from a server
  2. updating needed modules so no known weaknesses exist
  3. permissions. accounts.
  4. SUID

see secure servers bk
hash function
takes any length input and makes an (encrypted) value of predetermined length. In cryptography, the result can be called a 'digest'. A common length is 16bytes (128 bits).
HeartBeatSignal. austrailia only. seen in linksys router docs.
(,sys,)1st harddisk on IDE cable ('a'), 1st primary partition
(,sys,)1st harddisk, 2nd primary partition
(,sys,)1st harddisk, 3rd primary partition
(,sys,)1st harddisk, extended partition (container for logical partitions)
(,sys,)1st harddisk, 1st logical partition w/in extended partition
(,sys,)1st harddisk, 2nd logical partition w/in extended partition
(,sys,)1st harddisk, 3rd logical partition w/in extended partition
(,sys,)1st harddisk, 4th logical partition w/in extended partition
(,sys,)harddisk in 3rd ('c') position of IDE, partition 2
(,sys,)IDE connector 0 master device.
(,sys,)IDE connector 0 slave device
(,sys,)IDE connector 1 master device
(,sys,)IDE connector 1 slave device
"LG Tone Pro" or "HBS-750", bluetooth.
See also pub/doc/LGheadset_HBS-750_150408.pdf, (small print, Zoom viewer)

Turn On/Off:  slide sw, duh.

Pairing (BT) // passcode 0000 if ever needed...
"LG HBS750", in Note3 already. Doubt if other androids setup... 161101
there are 2 pairing modes. see manual

incomingCall, answer: // headset rings and vibrates
[press VolDown to stop vib] // will never vibe if vibrate option is off
press Call btn _briefly_

incomingCall, reject:  press Call btn for > 1 sec

press Call 1 sec # ?best: record the voice dialing tag thru your headset (close by?)

Call,redial,making: press Call 3 seconds. it'll beep then call

Call, switching, to other call:   press Call btn for 1 sec.

Vibrate Enable ToggleChoice(): Volume Up for 3 sec

Music, Play:  Play/Pause/Stop buttons
Music, NextSong: press 'FastFwd' btn _briefly_
Music, FastFwd: press 'FastFwd' btn long time
Music, PrevSong: press 'Rewind' _briefly_

When charger connected (power on/off) headset will turn off. -
While charging, the LED indicator will show a solid red light and
then change to violet when charged 80% and above.
When charging is completed, the LED indicator will show a solid blue light
Batt too low, it won't turn on
see manual for "Battery Status Alert"

here scripts
see $doc/bash.txt. cat << EOF EOF ...
host application mappings
(,netw,)router used this term regarding clearing a list of active devices.
case sensitive.
(,netw,) where wireless clients can connect to the Internet without regard for the particular networks to which they have attached for the moment. (SSID ignored?)
    <span class="popup" title="whoa, I'm hovering">  button,image,link,text,whatever </span>
    And class "popup" seems to be everywhere, w/o special css file choosing.
    Found it worked on linux Siteground (EU site) and lenovo Win 7 laptop.
set of docs made by linux doc project.
program to check html for correctly. BLP pg 732.
(,web,)the protocol
(,web,)secure. uses SSL (?)
hub: transmits message to all the other devices on its network
hang up, as in disconnect. -HUP is a signal type, arg to kill pgm
a company. make 430 development tools. $4000 for full set IAR C-Spy IAR Kickstart. "function-limited" version of the Workbench IAR Workbench
I2C tutorial: see also Wiring
protocol. used to send messages re internet. ping uses this.
reqs scsi emulation for 2.4 kernel; 2.6 can handle directly.
pgm which lets you read/write IPADDR, check net status
Internal Field Separator. for bash. pg 93 Bash book (FS for awk)
Internet Message Access Protocol for reading email. email protocol from local server. client/server. can show just headers etc. options... acts like a remote file server. Courier IMAP sounds best (secure server book p295) "better than POP3 (p294)"
vs xinetd
RamDisk used during INITialization (boot)
installs (loadable) drivers, line disciplines. uses kerneld (daemon) and kmod (/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe).
a PNG/png term. means an image is sent in an order where the image is most visible sooner than if sent in spatial order. the MSBs are sent before LSBs.
intrinsic functions
apparently C functions which are cleverly resolved
as tiny macros for IAR. CCE trying to catch up.
defines integers w/ fixed, known sizes, eg: int16_t.
This is seen in the arduino world. But, it's argued, portability better if you just use the native arduino types - though diff devices may have different integer sizes.
IP address, find
cellphone: 1. start airdroid !  it'll tell ya.
   2. somewhere in setup ??

linux box: ipconfig  // shows only hard-wired connections?


TODO. define in glossary_comp.html
IP alias
like eth0:0 linux net admin guide. can ifconfig params separately from other names attached to that h/w.
old means of firewalling; replaced by iptables.
firewall stuff for 2.4 kernel. has 3 tables. kernel part called "netfilter"
protocol behind CUPS. Internet printing protocol.
pay-by-smart phone app. takes money from 3440.
Jamba Juice supports it as does Verizon
(,hw,)old CDrom format. 8.3 filenames.
integrates with source control programs such as Subversion, CVS, Git, and Perforce
compat w/ Eclipse
Microsoft extension to ISO-9660. Unicode chars. ~truncation of filenames.
perl modules for reading, modifying, writing, moving web pages
app which translates ~anything to formats including Mobi (Kindle)
    public key, private key  math-linked. asymmetric cryptography
        public key can:
            encrypt plaintext
            verify a digital signature
        private key can:
            decrypt ciphertext
            create a digital signature
        easy to generate & use public and private key-pair

        see "Diffie-Hellman key exchange"
    session key  wiki TLS doc
    symmetric key  wiki docs: TLS, Symm-key_algor
keywords.txt for arduino
NOT required for arduino libraries/ module; defines syntax coloring(?) article
see define_arduinoSw.html for more.
security key usually. RHCE. rpm: 245+
see glossary_126.html
a windows-based product of IAR, supported by TI, for msp430 development. contains compiler & debugger. RH tool for automatically installing s/w on a PC. RHCE book. an installation method on redhat machines. file has all the answers to installation questions so installation can proceed unattended.
Amazon ebook. sold by Best Buy and a few other outlets. transfer_ownership(): // - deregister() _the_device_ from the orig owner's accnt this is done on the device itself: { home; menu; settings; deregister; confirm } - register() it with the new owner. Can do this from the device or, apparently, from the web. from the device: ...settings; register; enter your account info. // ? don't the books have to be erased ? - loan a book go to 'actions' menu. pick "loan this title" need the other person's email address. Send Now. you can't read it for 14days "free kindle reader" app. click delete from library to return a book to the borrower.
A python engine for android. 160313
APK someone mentioned this could be done w/ Kivy.
kernel daemon. auto fm boot by init.d/syslogd...
Linux browser. KDE. Apache bk, pg13. open source
LAN manager domains
windows terms. analogous to NIS domains. RHCE 609
laptop Acer
win7, wide (gorgeous) screen. No login but 'frank' prominant,
Has arduino h/w teaching folders and files. Is this 'Castor'?
Has SD notes, RPi, Sketchup, IDLE python, cygwin, Processing. network connected to 39pw Comcast router w/o help. Last used ~nov'15 (?)
laptop Dell Inspiron
Lisa's old win7 computer (despite 'harvey' service tag). Power hole rect w/ rounded top. where power supply?
laptop Dell 600, 'Latitude'
'Rigel7', Linux. frank harvey, makefile1. gd for 'su' too
laptop Dell 610, 'Latitude'
"Leucadia" sticker. ubuntu, ALL of our music! Was v slow to boot. went to a boot screen and I had to urge it on (F10). mouse unnec. screen v dim at first. took a long time to get started. Music app plays (a little loud). I had to borrow the power supply from Dell 600.
laptop HP
has power strip. login: choose button 'frank', screen is beach in SDiego, mouse unnec,
win7, has arduino teaching stuff. Is this 'Castor' ?
AmScope folder, apps, images; has arduino, Processing no wifi
laptop HP, dead
from Jim. large, nice looking power supply doesn't even draw current.
laptop Lenovo
win7 machine, had cygwin, arduino tools 1.03
    100620 bought at Fry's; had the name 'WOLF359'
    120117 tue. lenovo died hard.
    120119 thu. Lenovo to Geek Squad;
    120730 mon. wk'd hydrometer eTruck,chgd tire def for order, Lenovo to Geeks Sqd
    130503 fri. 1st php bk; instald LAMP lenovo
    140201 sat. I wk'd on lenovo
    190123 can't find the phys machine (tossed??)
laptop Pinot
win10, main dev machine since 150401 earliest record (?); Toshiba, loaded win10 early on(?), 'LuvLinux1811'
laptop Rigel7
old linux laptop. has arduino 'logger' code fm 2012
LCD driver HD44780 code compat w/ 7066
LCD driver ST7066 problems. links
path for shared libraries
if env var is set, ld will use it for path'g
published directories over internet. technique like DNS' name/value pairs w/ multiple, protected access (?) Can use for _any_ kind of hierarchical data. RHCE book.
linux documentation project.
the standard, probably most important, C library. has malloc, memset, atoi, sprintf, strcpy, etc
libraries, arduino
Standard Libraries
The Arduino IDE comes with a set of standard libraries for commonly used functionality. These libraries support all the examples included with the IDE. Standard library functionality includes basic communication functions and support for some of the most common types of hardware like: Servo Motors and Character LCD displays. Standard Libraries are pre-installed in the "Libraries" folder of the Arduino install. If you have multiple versions of the IDE installed, each version will have its own set of libraries. For the most part, it is not a good idea to change the Standard Libraries or install your libraries in the same folder.
User Installed Libraries
There are many other libraries with useful functionality and device drivers for all sorts of hardware. These drivers are available from places like

  • Arduino Playground
  • ,
  • Github and
  • Google Code.
Adafruit provides over 100 libraries libraries supporting almost all of our Arduino compatible products. Most of our libraries are hosted on GitHub. Direct links are provided from the product description and/or tutorial pages. User installed libraries should be installed in your sketchbook libraries folder so they can be used with all versions of the IDE. This way, if a new version of the IDE is released, you don't have to re-install all your favorite libraries

light brick
a plastic debug tool with 2 DB-25s and two rows of green/red LEDs.
(,netw,) arduino/doc/Linksys_WAP54G_220px-.jpg
RH config pgm. security. RHCE bk pg 44
low power modes
msp430's power modes AM CPU:on MCLK:on SMCLK:on ACLK:on DCO:on XCO:on LPM0 CPU:off MCLK:off SMCLK:on ACLK:on DCO:__ XCO:on ** dc-gen dis if not active LPM1 CPU:off MCLK:off SMCLK:on ACLK:on DCO:** XCO:on ** dc-gen dis if not active LPM2 CPU:off MCLK:off SMCLK:off ACLK:on DCO:on XCO:on LPM3 CPU:off MCLK:off SMCLK:off ACLK:on DCO:off XCO:on LPM4 CPU:off MCLK:off SMCLK:off ACLK:off DCO:off XCO:off
Linux Trace Toolkit
Logical Volume Management. found in etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
(,web,)text browser. no images. has command line abilities(?)
(,sys,)macro pgm used to regen from .rc (.mc (?))
(,msp,hw,)Memory Adr Bus. msp430
(,sys,hw,)physical h/w address for an ethernet board (NIC)
devt product for ARM cpu's. Releases have form TLS 2.7.1
Master Boot Record. 1st 512 bytes of the disk chosen in the BIOS.
(,email,)Mail Delivery Agent. protocols={POP, IMAP}; pgms={procmail,...}
Meta Device==composed of more than 1 simpler device. used by RAID RHCE 175
message digest. makes 128bit (16byte) hash
   has flaw, wiki MD5
   "not suitable for certs"
mem data bus.
memory integrity thread
new addition to sdg's version of the linux kernel. walks kernel mem and checks its validity.
metamail article on how email works
(,html,http,) GET,POST,DELETE. >pg197,Apache? RH7.3?
set of programs comprising a user agent
seems to be a very alluring windowing pkg... think we want it
Media Independent Interface. 1 of 2 main ethernet (chip) controller interface definitions.
"man-in-the-middle" attack.
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. Content-Type: text/plan; charset=us-ascii
formats a file system. RHCE pg 13
program to make ISO-9660 filesystem on hard disk partition. ref: sec 5.3
pg 47 of driver book. can lock memory, drivers...
memory manager.
(,hw,)mem management unit
see apache bk pg 55. loadable. see serialSurvivalGuide see httpd.conf which has a list of modules to load.
message of the day(?)
linux browser. apache bk, pg13. open source(?). Gnome.
TI's low power micro.
Mail Transfer Agent. {sendmail,postfix,qmail,exim...}
max transmission unit. TCP keeps packets to this size or less fearing a router along the route may not be able to handle the size. 1500 common now. was 576 long ago.
Mail User Agent. like 'mail', 'pine'. compose,send,read,reply mutt and elm are also MUAs (?)
? lnx net admin. pg 46
Mail eXchange Resource Records. RFC 0974.

"MySql Improved"

PHP has three different ways to connect to and interact with a MySQL database: the original MySQL extension (with functions), MySQL Improved (MySQLi, object-oriented), or PHP Data Objects (PDO, object-oriented). They can't be mixed in the same script. The original MySQL extension is no longer actively developed and is not recommended for new PHP-MySQL projects.

The PHP documentation describes MySQLi as the preferred option recommended by MySQL for new projects.


name daemon. DNS
(really an (IP) address server). converts names to addresses.
network-attached storage (device)
Network Address Translation. performed by iptables (?)
    can be (is always?) a part of firewall stuff.
    IPs published to the internet can be translated to local addresses.

    process of modifying IP address information in IP packet headers
    while in transit across a traffic routing device. wiki.
    You don't have to be serving pages from home to need/use NAT but
    it's generally 'just automatic'. It allows you to browse the internet
    from your home-networked computer - which has a private IP addr.
    The translation needed for the home browser requires the router to
    make/have a table entry telling it how to route a returned message.
    "Port Forwarding" (in the home web server sense) just makes the
    translation entry more or less permanent.
telnet related? ?ncsa?
pg100 secure servers. looks for holes in port structure.
term mentioned (somewhere) as a shorthand way of specifying which users got which permissions (?). See this now mentioned in 'man nsswitch.conf'
1's ident where network and subnet IDs are kept; 0's for host #.
has broadcast address, N hosts, Net IP address ?? and gateway
    lenovo laptop name: WOLF359
        //control panel:All Control Panel items: Network and Sharing Center:
            change adapter settings;
        //control panel:Network and Internet: Network Connections
        Internet Options:
            level == Medium-high
            Protected Mode enabled.
            HTML editing: TextPad (new choice)
            HTTP 1.1 was/is enabled.
        System: Workgroup: GEMINI

    AT&T router: "2WIRE187"  see std password cache for details.
        security: WEP (120531)
        USB-PC networking (!) enabled.
        DHCP Lease Time set at 24 hrs.
network number
the portion of the IP address corresponding to the 1 bits in the subnet mask.
rpm tag indicating an rpm is independent of a particular cpu type.
Network Interface Card.
has central database of user names, passwords. don't believe it works for windows machines on same net. related to nfs. Network Information Services (?)
NIS domain
"completely diff than IP's domain". lnx net admin guide, pg 44 set by 'domainname'
pgm which scans TCP/IP ports
nmap "Front End". gui for old pgm.
nntp. network news transport protocol
"number used once", used in encryption algorithms
filesystem type used by windows. linux can read but can't safely write to it. RHCE bk.
Network Time Protocol
on chip debugger
usb driver. revision of uhci according to email on net
 == Jtag debugger //seen in Wiced's 1st readme.
Over The Air
USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated to USB OTG or just OTG, is a specification first
used in late 2001 that allows USB devices, such as digital audio players or
mobile phones, to act as a host, allowing other USB devices, such as USB flash drives,
digital cameras, mice or keyboards, to be attached to them. Use of USB OTG allows
those devices to switch back and forth between the roles of host and client.
For instance, a mobile phone may read from removable media as the host device, but
present itself as a USB Mass Storage Device when connected to a host computer.

In other words, USB On-The-Go introduces the concept of a device performing both
master and slave roles – whenever two USB devices are connected and one of them
is a USB On-The-Go device, they establish a communication link.
The device controlling the link is called the master or host, while the other is
called the slave or peripheral. wikipedia

These are cheap. can be purchased at Staples, Adafruit, Walmart
more at
(,netw,) (TCP (or UDP) packets): have source and destination IP addresses. router changes one to keep itself in the loop. wiki on NAT.
RHCE pg 54. module for parallel port. for IDE, like ext CD ROMS.
a partitioning program. GNU. have rpm
swappable ram area. power of 2 size. struct page contains info about it, its address. see kernel internals book, msg-digest.c,
Pluggable Authenication Module. RHCE bk Pluggable Authentication Module. in libs. has md5.
(,netw,secr,)8-63 printable ascii characters. (see WPA*)
Primary Domain Controller. server on a windows net which has central info on machines. can use samba to make linux cpu a PDC. RHCE bk. 505
source control used at lab126.
per HUD, rm the following from the "client spec". //rio/dev/… ///Wiced-SDK-2.4.0-BETA11/WICED-SDK/Apps/lab126/rio/... then 'sync' // PC says there is a "sync" in p4v
perimeter network
DMZ and router.aka DMZ. A network between the internet and a protected, internal network. Secrets pg651
Physical Extent. LVM term
Pointer-to-Function. My $doc/pfnRoutines.txt file is still timestamped 2010 (in 2019)! May need a facelift for C++. Also have a 2014 ref, cNote_pFnTable.txt
photos, download phone to windows
phone is Pixel 2; computer now is Win10 'Pinot'.
(I think this WAS hard to do the 1st times but now it seems easy)
plug in the phone, through USB cable, to Pinot
somethin comes up on windows. looked pretty intimidating but it's basically
wondering how the new connection is supposed to behave - and the answer
is to do the following ON THE PHONE:
go to devices, USB and Pixel2 will note that the device (the phone) is
presently 'charging...'. Click the dot just left of "transfer photos...".
Then windows explorer will now show a folder tree beneath the listings
about the C: drive.
Open folders until you find DCIM/. click on it, follow folders to Pictures.

On windows, go to Media (or MediaNew) and see when ya last downloaded.
Presumably you want just the newest.
make a folder on windows
go into that folder

On the display showing the pixel's folder, rope the ones you want to
transfer and drag them into the new windows folder.  You can 'copy' or

when all done, just pull the usb cable out of the windows port.
Personal Home Pages. a language which can be interwoven w/ html. interpretive.
PHYsical layer. protocol term. seen in sis900 enet driver,many places
Public Key Infrastructure (schemes)
A plug-in is a small computer program that extends the standard functionality
of the browser.

Plug-ins can be added to HTML pages using the object tag or the embed tag.

These tags define containers for resources (normally non-HTML resources),
which, depending on the type, will either be displayed by the browsers, or by
an external plug-in.
position independent code
(,netw,)8 digit # entered into some (new) routers to help make WPS stronger. Often written on a router's label (and ? can't be changed (?))
a mail viewer. MUA
google Pixel 2, camera. If you are in photo 'mode' (not video) and hold down the button, the camera shoots a photo at a (slightly unsteady) rate between 14 and 19 hz. The meas was made while photographing the binary counter (which may have the timing irregularity)
(,netw,)1mhz home networking over phone lines (?)
Plug N Play
Post Office Protocol. client server. moves email from 'server' to local machine; deletes it afterwards. port 110, RFC 1939 said to be inferior to IMAP
(TCP/IP) port. addressed in TCP/IP message. port 80 for HTTP, FTP has its own port. Routers can block messages to ports you choose, allow others, directing those messages to IP addresses you define (this is "port forwarding").
Port forwarding
(,netw,) On linux, set packet filter rules in iptables. Also called "Static NAT". By default, you can tunnel network connections through an SSH session. For example, you could connect over the Internet to your PC, tunnel a remote desktop connection, and access your desktop.
port number
TCP. Secrets 161 vega, examined w/ nmap, shows ports 111(sunrpc),515(printer),1024(kdm),6000(X11) Port numbers: on Unix/Linux machines, port #'s < 1024 can only be made by root. 'port forwarding' is sometimes used to translate the port # to higher than 1024
(Portable Operating System Interface [for UNIX])
http POST is one of many request methods supported by the HTTP protocol used by the World Wide Web. The POST request method is designed to request that a web server accept the data enclosed in the request message's body for storage. It is often used when uploading a file or submitting a completed web form.
point to point (?)
PPPOE point to point over ethernet
PPTP Point to Point Tunneling Protocol. european scheme
The #pragma directive is a compiler-specific directive, which compiler vendors may use for their own purposes.
gnu on pragmas
#pragma message("Do not use ABC, which is deprecated. Use XYZ instead.")
#pragma once  /* is the same as 'include guards'. wiki */
Pseudo Random Noise Gen. httpd.conf in SSL library.
procedure abstraction
CCE's term (?) for IAR-like process of creating little routines to reduce code size. Admits it's slower.
rpm installed on vega. not in ps -e list tho
proxy server
acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity.
if it just passes stuff along w/ minimal examination, it's called a gateway.
A cursory study suggests squid is a good choice.
wiki on proxy server
The PC analogue to Arduino code. Downloaded 2.2.1 onto Lenovo, 140225 download site
an MTA, like sendmail. more secure than sendmail. Secure Server bk pg 251\
B$ for devt system, pamphlett p10
proxy server
(,netw,)(per wikip) a machine which responds to requests but satisifies those requests by gathering .html and/or data from subordinate machines. This type of proxy server is said to be a 'reverse proxy server'. A 'forward(ing) proxy server' will leave the local machine cluster in gathering information. Using a linux box to collect arduino info would be a reverse proxy configuration.
Player Terminal, in agk developer's manual.
shows in ps -e. terminal assignment to a process ??
RHCE 236
public key

Public-key cryptography can be used to encrypt data communicated between two parties. This can typically happen when a user logs on to any site that implements the HTTP Secure protocol. In this example let us suppose that the user logs on to his bank's homepage to do online banking.

When the user opens homepage, he receives a public key along with all the data that his web-browser displays. The public key could be used to encrypt data from the client to the server but the safe procedure is to use it in a protocol that determines a shared symmetric encryption key; messages in such protocol are ciphered with the public key and only the bank server has the private key to read them. The rest of the communication proceeds using the new (disposable) symmetric key, so when the user enters some information to the bank's page and submits the page (sends the information back to the bank) then the data the user has entered to the page will be encrypted by his web browser.

Therefore, even if someone can access the (encrypted) data that was communicated from the user to, such eavesdropper cannot read or decipher it.

This mechanism is only safe if the user can be sure that it is the bank that he sees in his web browser. If the user types in, but his communication is hi-jacked and a fake web-site (that pretends to be the bank web-site) sends the page information back to the user's browser, the fake web-page can send a fake public key to the user (for which the fake site owns a matching private key). The user will fill the form with his personal data and will submit the page. The fake web-page will get access to the user's data.

A certificate authority (CA) is an organization that stores public keys and their owners and every party in a communication trusts this organization (and knows its public key). When the user's web browser receives the public key from it also receives a digital signature of the key (with some more information, in a so-called X.509 certificate). The browser already possesses the public key of the CA and consequently can verify the signature, trust the certificate and the public key in it: since uses a public key that the certification authority certifies, a fake can only use the same public key. Since the fake does not know the corresponding private key, it cannot create the signature needed to verify its authenticity.

terminal emulation pgm. Couldn't find one in cygwin so I downloaded Portable Putty for windows (to Lenovo(?)).
Physical Volume. LVM term
Pulse Width Modulation.
for an example see arduino/glossary_arduino.html#vv_pwm
Q Python
Perhaps this android compatible python is named for its relation to
QR codes, which provides a means of moving source code into the
QPython environment and editor on the phone. One web note said this
technique was limited to "a few KB". I tried one online QR gen and it
had a 1000 char limit.
A better alternative might be Kivy. Oddly my QPython app seems able to
run Kivy!

from :
Run with console mode ( Default mode, the same behavior as desktop or server computer's python )
val = raw_input("Please input value")
print "hello world %s" % val

Run with kivy mode ( Graph mode )

Run with web app mode
Launching the web service on localhost:8080 without android titlebar (fullscreen)
QR code
Quick Response Code
Qt Framework
a popular framework for cross-platform applications. If you use such a framework from the start, you can not only reduce your headaches when it comes time to port to another platform but you can use the same graphical widgets - windows, menus and controls - across all platforms if you're writing a GUI app.
Redundant Array of Independent Disks
writes are done to 2 places, no parity. no real auto-restore. writes are done in parallel.
reqs 3+ partitions. parity striped across all. if one fails, spare kicks in.
regex, regular expressions
RFC 2822 regex /^(?:\w+\.?)*\w+@(?:\w+\.?)*+$/; // email adr (?)
rei ser(ial) fs prog(ram)s ??
RedHat Enterprise Linux. their prices aRe HELl
RedHat Network. can tune in to find what packages are new. there is s/w which will check for such.
'rigol ds1054z' googled   pro's and con's
about 30sec to start up.
have to _select_ the 10x probe. top entry in list is 'coupling'
hit big green 'help' and list appears.
? LEFT column of buttons are 'F' keys? // under "Menu" ! duh
along top row
"Wait" is waiting for a trigger.
the Stop key, sometimes mentioned, is the Run/Stop btn, upr rt.
when Stopped {
you can still mv img w/ knob of center group of btns (for horiz)  stretch display.
vert knob to adjust signal height
H is horiz timebase
sampling rate. memory depth
waveform 'zoom display'
'D' delay
trigger level and edge in upper right

just above btm row. CAN get displays if you've turned on these meas in left menu.
btm row
vertical info. channel sections respond to touch !   NO. HOW TO CHG ?

there is a menu key in triggering section
menu key in horiz section

the more channels turned on, the lower the bandwidth.
mem depth box, rt side, shows '12MB' standard // lose some if mult chnls on

Decoder (rt sd list) offers SPI, I2C etc decoding !
has FFT! (5:35 in his talk)   ?? in MATH section (?)

storage, PicType Png. saves to usb thumb drive

got to 8:40
probably good. but not about my model  EEVblog #926
same guy as in 1st video. but it sounds more basic
1st half of this is super basic. shows old tektronix 'scope.

There are 3 (outlined) groups of knob/btn functions:
Trigger: farthest right
Horiz:  (these names are written on front but faint, hard to see)
Vertical. has vert column of the 4 channel buttons.

dynamic routing scheme. pg27 net admin guide
on NOOBS SD card for Raspberry Pi. faster than linux. see kindle bk "R Pi User Guide", loc 1079
see secure servers p327. reads http's /robots.txt and only searches directories listed there.
Rock Ridge
extensions to ISO-9660. long filenames, symlinks.
root kit
cracker's bag of hacked system tools which conceal his changes. ls, top, cd? etc
connects 2 similar networks (like both are ethernet). one side is often a WAN w/ 1 port; the other has several LAN ports. each port has its own IP address. The network numbers on the WAN and LAN sides must be different. All LAN ports must have the same network #. see gateway (vs hub vs switch). router (dell) has active ports 80 & 333(unknown). tcpip port 20 ftp-data tcpip port 21 ftp tcpip port 25 seems to be email... tcpip port 53 DNS tcpip port 80 used for Https (?) tcpip port 110 POP3 tcpip port 123 NTP (time. used by replay) tcpip port 443 for xhtml ? ports > 1024 are not 'privileged' tcpip port 8080 ??
remote procedure calls
pgm mentioned in CD/server book. gens C pgm fm "rpc language"
___ package manager
Resource Records. in DNS table. RFC 0974. 1type is "MX RR"
used to gen key for the "frank cert"
Real Time Application Interface (to Linux). ref: TraceToolkit###/Help/ltt-intro*
makes an index of a library's contents. speed up. think it takes no args. grep makefiles for examples roboremo is 'robot remote' UI for toy car
- keeps web crawler pgms from going where you don't want them. R2,pg52
is really the startup file, not run may as well be root (?) cd /sdg/os/os.wms.1.11.00/servers/io.wms/bld vi io.cpp cd .. make clean make cp io /target/pt_fharvey/agk/bin/ now, restart the cabinet
    see nothing to connect to arduino's.

The Scratch world is created using Squeak, a dialect of Smalltalk, and Squeak itself
runs on a software emulation of a computer system called a virtual machine -Ed
ScratchX = Scratch with eXperimental extensions for Arduino. still beta 160628   not all links work   developer page
SD cards

TF used to means Trans-Flash. Now that def is in all SD cards.

Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) format. capacities up to 32 GB

SDXC supports cards up to 2 TB (2048 GB)

The SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards have a "Protected Area" on the card
for the SD standard's security function. The SD Formatter does
not format the "Protected Area". Please use appropriate
application software or SD-compatible device that provides
SD security function to format the "Protected Area" in the
memory card.

SDXC memory cards inserted in the direct SD slot on a computer
may require the installation of an SDXC driver.

SD Interface Devices

The following interface devices can be used to access SD/SDHC/SDXC
memory cards:
SD slot on computer
USB SD reader
PC Card, CardBus or ExpressCard SD adapter
Always confirm that the device is compatible with the SD, SDHC
or SDXC memory card before formatting.
SD Formatter
The SD Formatter was created specifically for memory cards using the SD/SDHC/SDXC standards
where CF-USB shows up. "scsi drive, partition 1"
 // googled: remotely triggered camera android
    The selfie stick remotes are essentially tiny Bluetooth keyboards with just
    two keys. One is the "Volume Up" key to trigger iOS' native Camera shutter
    and the other key is "Enter" to trigger Android.
    160622: tested. yep. hit Enter on BT _keyboard_ & camera took a pic!
bootloader gets these.
    (?) type has cert and key (?) picked up in amzn_config (?)
most popular MTA
(file) server

"A computer responsible for the central storage and management of data files so that other computers on the same network can access the files."

The subtle advantage (fgh) is that there is one source defining account names and passwords (authentication). This centralizes 'owner' and 'group' (authorization) definitions allowing all member machines to agree on who 'frank' is, regardless of which machine he logged into.

A file server may be dedicated or non-dedicated. A dedicated server is designed specifically for use as a file server, with workstations attached for reading and writing files and databases.

File servers may also be categorized by the method of access: Internet file servers are frequently accessed by File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or by HTTP (but are different from web servers, that often provide dynamic web content in addition to static files). Servers on a LAN are usually accessed by SMB/CIFS protocol (Windows and Unix-like) or NFS protocol (Unix-like systems).

Database servers, that provide access to a shared database via a database device driver, are not regarded as file servers as they may require Record locking.

Server Key Exchange
This is an optional step in which the server creates and
sends a temporary key to the client. This key can be used by the client to
encrypt the Client Key Exchange message later in the process. The step is only
required when the public key algorithm does not provide the key material necessary
to encrypt the Client Key Exchange message, such as when the server's certificate
does not contain a public key.

code to run PWM devices on Linux systems such as the RPi

Secure File Transfer Protocol
(Yahoo has required this for last few years)

amazing, automated file transfer story:

160617: cp'g one file from canopus to pinot
on pinot, in cygwin
sftp frank@[path/file2copy (from the login dir)
makefile1    # when asked password
# it copied the file and logged itself out.

160617: cp'g one file from pinot to canopus
on pinot, in cygwin
sftp frank@
makefile1    # when asked password
> [cd someOtherDir]
> put localFilename
^d   or bye
You can also perform FTP through a browser. For example, bring up Internet Explorer and type in
            ftp://yourLoginName@IPaddress   //doesnt wk for me, pinot to canopus 160617
instead of a normal web page URL.

non-interactive-authentication, needed for scripting the transfer
# possibly needed for automation
-F ssh_config
    where ssh_config is a file for ssh(1)

-o ssh_option
    Can be used to pass options to ssh in the format used in ssh_config(5).
    This is useful for specifying options for which there is no separate
    sftp command-line flag. For example, to specify an alternate port use:
    sftp -oPort=24. For full details of the options listed below, and
    their possible values, see ssh_config(5).

'per-user' configuration file is ~/.ssh/config
/etc/ssh/ssh_config   system wide config file. provides defaults
ssh_config man page doesnt show a PASS; instead a

sftp [user@]host[:file ...]
    will retrieve files automatically if a non-interactive authentication
    method is used; otherwise it will do so after successful interactive

sftp [user@]host[:dir[/]]
    allows sftp to start in a remote directory.

sftp -b batchfile [user@]host
    allows for automated sessions using the -b option. In such cases,
    it is necessary to configure non-interactive authentication to
    obviate the need to enter a password at connection time (see sshd(8)
    and ssh-keygen(1) for details).

# from dhanju in bangalore, on
# some changes by fgh (bash,not sh; one 'lftp' to 'sftp')
USER=""  # yourusername
PASS="Yahoo1811"          # yourpassword
echo "Starting to sftp..."
# fgh: I suspect he was using 'lftp' on his end and 'sftp' on the host.
sftp -u ${USER},${PASS} sftp://${HOST} <
"Set Group ID" (bit). A file created in a dir tagged with this bit will belong to the group which owns the dir. chmod g+s dir Set G ID. group
file type. predecessor to html? in debian pkg world. dpkg stuff. Basic Linux Programming, pg 732, says it's a good idea to start w/ "Linuxdoc-sgml" cuz it can be translated to html, postscript etc
mother of html
shared memory. code, module, driver or whatever
alternative to Zigbee !
(from )
Scripting Layer for Android, SL4A, is an open source application that allows
programs written in a range of interpreted languages to run on Android. It
also provides a high level API that allows these programs to interact with
the Android device, making it easy to do stuff like accessing sensor data,
sending an SMS, rendering user interfaces and so on.

It's is really easy to install and it works on any stock Android device, so
you don't need to be root or anything like that.

Currently, the Scripting Layer supports Python, Perl, Ruby, Lua, BeanShell,
JavaScript and Tcl. It also provides access to the Android system shell,
which is actually just a minimal Linux shell.

You can find out more about the SL4A project from their website. (link below)

samba. as in filesystem
heralded in RHCE but man page says it's an intermediary. mount, when called w/ "-t smbfs" calls mount.smbfs which calls smbmount (a daemon) which calls smbmnt to do the mounting. smbmount runs til shared area is unmounted; it logs to var (see man) smbumount (but 'umount' should work). RHCE pg 43
Small Message Service (?) the real name for 'texting'. See wiki
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. sendmail uses it. 7bit protocol ESMTP uses 8. alternative to UUCP
SMTP authorization
Server Response: "553 Sorry, that domain isn't on my list of rcpthosts". to prevent spammers.
reads stuff off enet port. secure servers pg411, pg472
SI, Source Insight
wonderful IDE for C programming. Lenovo copy dates back to 2011, Array Power.
text to speech
Google Translate, select English; voice is feminine.
google: // for ohmni.avatar  ohmni.speech
copy/paste sentence into left window,
click speaker symbol at bottom of same window
Hi, what's your name ; Hi, what's your name?  Hi. What's your name?
Do you like my shirt?
I like yours.
uh oh!
gotta go!   //not good
well, bye for now. //not good
My name is Venus. I'm disarming.
My name is Venus de mockina.
My name is Venus de Milo.
Is that odd man your friend?
Wanna see me shake my booty?
My name is Debbie, actually "little Debbie".
My name is Little Debbie.
My breasts are very firm.
I'm young!
Normally I have little snack cakes but, today, they've all been eaten.
see secure servers p327
linux, ubuntu - compatible proxy server
ubuntu article
sudo apt-get install squid

sudo cp /etc/squid/squid.conf /etc/squid/squid.conf.original
sudo chmod a-w /etc/squid/squid.conf.original

    To set your Squid server to listen on TCP port 8888 instead of the default TCP port 3128, change the http_port directive as such:

    http_port 8888
"source RPM" file. secure server p296
SSH daemon. Secure SHell.
Server Side Includes. BLP 737, secure servers p328 optional function, 'module', of a server. apache bk.
SSID must be the same for all items in a wireless network SSID Service Set ID; some call it "network name". ATT router SSID is 2WIRE187 apparently was intended to be a security item but everyone feels it's inadequate and the universal advice is to use WPA2. Netgear's page:
secure sockets layer
Secure Sockets Layer //mentioned in httpd.conf
superceded by TLS
command to enable interrupts.
stored procedures
feature of MySQL 5, where functionality is pulled up into mysql itself rather than being called remotely. This speeds up the database engine and aids security.
lnx net admin guide, p 45; Secrets book p 152
subnet mask
eg router uses parts with 1's; ignores 0's class A. 255 marks network #; rest is host # class B. 255s mark network #; rest is host # class C. 255s mark network #; rest is host # 0's always denote the host#. 1's mark network# bits and subnet # as described below
The 1st byte of the quartet determines the basic address _class_ and the default netmask. Any extra bits in the actual subnet mask can be used to determine the network #; this is called the "subnet". 172.22, for example, is a "class B" address which has as the netmask. If you defined as the mask, you can use the 3rd byte as a part of your network number. The result is . Routers will honor this scheme.
Set U ID. user. having this bit set on a program (file) can let a non-root user invoke a root-only program.
new name for procfs filesystem in newest redhat (enterprise, 3)
logging daemon.
syslog, new generation. secure servers p417
(unix) system 5. implications?
smb/samba configuration tool. see 'man 5 smb.conf'
perl pgm to watch system for attacks. secure server bk pg 406
cylindrical bluetooth speaker
procs {
    charge: Power switch has to be On! charge til bright indicator goes red to blue.
        if unplugged and blinking red, it needs to be charged.
    pairing: {
        Samsung phone: Left bezel: Settings: Bluetooth: On
        will show as "Spector T220"; didn't need pswd ("0000").
        phone allows functions: Rename and Unpair.
        check boxes for "call audio" and "media audio"
3"x3" manual "T220 User Manual" will be stored w/ lisa's docs, pg 5 has good summary
as a vertical cylinder, it rests on its Off/On button; can rest on flat side.
with stereo audio cable, it can just be a speaker.
can serve both a phone app and a music app at the same time.
    "hands free" button IS the phone icon.
    on incoming call, press once to answer, again for speaker
    if speaker and call done, press again (to hang up)
    when call done, it goes back to music.
!! buttons on the device can !! signal the music source to advance track,song etc !

indicator LEDs (one tiny, hard to see. near base; one bright (red or blue;power)
    blue.slow=standby,, blue.solid incoming call, playing aux
    purple=playing,  ??or hands-free.
todo: whatif paired w/ PC? (no phone)
Tiny BarCodes, for p/arduino/rover/
idea is to make simple but short barcodes which can be read by a rover passing
overhead. The reader would likely be a line following device such as that on
the black chassis (SFE) vehicle. The small number extracted from the TBC could
be sent to Master which replies with a string identifying the location and any
related notes like
    "at . in __ cm, there's a curve (left/right), radius __, arcLength __ degrees"
    "at . in __ cm, there's a siding (implies 15 degree branch) (l/r) to other "
TBC needs to include direction info. like crossing edge __ means the TBC # is backwards.
    going 'wrong' direction means the curve could be behind ya. rover needs to include its rel direction in
    its inquiry to host ("master")
want to be able to make a TBC with off-the-shelf (black(?)) tape. 1/2" wide (?)
could print TBC and tape to (contrasting color) floor.

rover records b,w timings (black,white) and
have 'rumble strips'.   wbwbwwbw    // atop black tape
    may or may not be placed near TCBs.
    once timing understood, the pattern could be that of a std async serial.

signal format (tape):   ?? mimic serial (Start pulse, ... Stop) ??
    want each 'line' to be measured N times (N >= 2).
     pattern. announces start of TBC and includes Forward/Back
        w-bbwb-w*  width of w* is loose. possibly a bit on the long side
      bwddddww   8 bits long. 4 are true data.
 [    ]
     this is either the end of the TBC started w/ 'startFwd' or the
    start of the TBC w/ rover running in 'reverse' direction (no prob).
        w-bwwb-w*  these common pieces might be made in #'s and taped separately fm data area
Tera Term
like old serial comm pgms. windows. think there's a link etc in video.
see section 34 of video
According to its developers, "ThingSpeak is an open source
Internet of Things (IoT) application and API to store and retrieve
data from things using the HTTP protocol over the Internet or via
a Local Area Network. ThingSpeak enables the creation of
sensor logging applications, location tracking applications, and
a social network of things with status updates".

From video:
I have also composed code to connect the board to
ThingSpeak using our DHT-11 environmental sensor to upload your data
and produce graphics. This additional educational module is absolutely free
(author of '')
the kernel used by Rio (?) also has a 'code-chain' wi
tagged initialization format. eg TIFF? open see driver book, pg 61
android app 1606xx, looks to be much more expandable
than 'terminal emulator' as 1st loaded onto Note3.

enjoy bash and zsh
edit files w/ nano and vim
access servers over ssh
compile code w/ gcc and clang
use python console as a pocket calculator
check out projects w/ git and subversion

at first start a small base system is downloaded- desired
packages can the be installed using the apt package manager from
the debian and ubuntu distros. Access the built-in help by
long-pressing anywhere on the terminal and selecting the Help menu
option to learn more.

has SAF, storage access framework on Android for sharing files
with other apps. streamlines the user experience when picking
files from Termux to attach to email etc.

note3: after I loaded it:   // it's running bash. til 'exit'
> apt list | wc -l  # gave 485 !, includes ruby, python, vim, vim-python ?
vorbis tools, make, m4, lib*, imagemagick, fortune !, gdb, gcc,
espeak, ctags

help online: ;
and there's a /donate
seems like something we want...
kernel used by lab126. look for ThreadX_User_Guide.pdf
Top Level Domain (like .com, .edu)
Transport Layer Security. uses X.509 certificate.
   app framework doc
    == security certs
        init copy from BC
        setup very early in boot
Type Length Value (?) data struct seen in rio code
samba. The Next Generation.
detects attacks. secure server, pg 454
/bin TouchScreen tester.
? some kind of device. serial?
are com ports on _PT_s
are com ports on _development_ stations
TWAIN-compliant. mentioned in scanner docs. 7345 printer.
Two Wire Bus. & process for managing same.
For examples, in p/swlangs/cplus/src/egcode/, check out
./  which you can edit to seek examples of coding.

Also consider
cd $pub
egrep -an '(cplus/src/egcode)' files_all* | egrep '(\.h|\.c)'

typedef struct {   from listen.c
	unsigned long index,data,timestamp;
} Record;	// each binary record has this structure

typedef struct _TASK {
  void         **stack;    // current stack
  struct _TASK *next;      // next task in chain
  struct _TASK *prev;      // previous task in chain
Universal Disk Format. CDroms. not in linux 2.6 kernel (yet)
uhci usb driver written by Linus. mod'd to make ohci. see also ehci
defines which permissions should be removed from a new file. 0022 removes write permission for all but owner. RHEL won't let umask operations set execute bit; have to do that manually.
Unix to Unix Copy Protocol (=X.400 ?). alternative to SMTP for mail.
UV flashligh, 51 LEDs
hanging on closet door, bdrm This fifty-one-bulb LED flashlight emits long wave ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 385 nm. It is powerful enough to make gems and minerals fluoresce even in normal room lighting. It quickly changes the color of our UV detecting beads (UV-AST). Comes with a black filter to block much of the white (visible) light. This flashlight reveals special fluorescent markings on US paper currency $5 or greater, markings on credit cards, and security features of driver's licenses. Great for detecting repairs in the home, as most glue and caulking compounds fluoresce brightly. Loan it to a student overnight and see what they discover! Made of super sturdy aircraft aluminum,
UX, User eXperience
virtual (web) hosting
hosting several independent web sites from a single machine.

Arduino package for doing radio. section 32 of video. needed SPI.h, SD.h ('')

160702 this lib deprecated! (always late for a party...) says: This VirtualWire library has now been superceded by the RadioHead library RadioHead and its RH_ASK driver provides all the features supported by VirtualWire, and much more besides, including Reliable Datagrams, Addressing, Routing and Meshes. VirtualWire is a library for Arduino, Maple and others that provides features to send short messages, without addressing, retransmit or acknowledgment, using ASK (amplitude shift keying). All that is required is transmit data, receive data and (for transmitters, optionally) a PTT transmitter enable. Can also be used over various analog connections (not just a data radio), such as the audio channel of an A/V sender It is intended to be compatible with the RF Monolithics ( Virtual Wire protocol, but this has not been tested. Does not use the Arduino UART. Messages are sent with a training preamble, message length and checksum. Messages are sent with 4-to-6 bit encoding for good DC balance, and a CRC checksum for message integrity. This library provides classes for
VirtualWire: unaddressed, unreliable messages Example Arduino programs are included to show the main modes of use.

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Voice Recorder
Windows 10 app
how to use
Installed on win 10 laptop "Pinot", 160402
Voyager 510
Plantronics Voyager 510 ear piece. On/off btn doesnt wk, batt dead?
pdf manual in $doc
Virtual Private Network. FreeS/WAN pkg p37 secure servers.
wiced app framework. theres a pdf about this in wiced.../doc/..Application-Framework
as in "WAP-enabled". R2pg25 WAP Wireless Access Point can be WiFi or Bluetooth, etc. connects, usually by wire, to a router. (or is part of router) home units usually consist of: WAP, a router, and, often, an ethernet switch
1st wireless encryption scheme. see WPA, WPA2;
strong if password or passphrase
(,netw,secr,)Web of Trust
Main article: Web of trust
An alternative approach to the problem of public authentication of public-key information is the
web-of-trust scheme, which uses self-signed certificates and third party attestations of those certificates.
The singular term "web of trust" does not imply the existence of a single web of trust, or
common point of trust, but rather one of any number of potentially disjoint "webs of trust".
Examples of implementations of this approach are PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and GnuPG
(an implementation of OpenPGP, the standardized specification of PGP). Because PGP and implementations
allow the use of e-mail digital signatures for self-publication of public-key information, it is
relatively easy to implement one's own web of trust.

 Trusted Root Store of certificate issuing authorities. Certificates issued by these organizations,
 or their subordinate authorities, are transparently trusted by relying entities
(,netw,)how to setup a home webserver describes port forwarding, DDNS, domain name...
Wired Equivalent Privacy. encryption scheme for security??? WEP: Wired Equivalent Privacy, 10 or 26 hex digits. Has numerous security flaws. deprecated. superceded by WPA
(,netw,web,)command line web utility.
some program which retrieves owner info given an ip adr. can be blocked by some ISPs. whois accessible on
"Wireless Interface ? Embedded Devices". made by Broadcom
PSK Pre-Shared Key
WEP_ENABLED                 0x00000001
TKIP_ENABLED                0x00000002
AES_ENABLED                 0x00000004
SHARED_ENABLED              0x00008000
#define WPA_SECURITY        0x00200000
#define WPA2_SECURITY       0x00400000
#define WPS_ENABLED         0x10000000
typedef enum{
WICED_SECURITY_OPEN           = 0,                                                Open security
WICED_SECURITY_WEP_PSK        =   WEP_ENABLED,     == 0001                        WEP Security with open authentication
WICED_SECURITY_WEP_SHARED     = ( WEP_ENABLED   | SHARED_ENABLED ),               WEP Security with shared authentication
WICED_SECURITY_WPA_AES_PSK    = ( WPA_SECURITY  | AES_ENABLED ),                  WPA Security with AES
WICED_SECURITY_WPA2_AES_PSK   = ( WPA2_SECURITY | AES_ENABLED ),                  WPA2 Security with AES
WICED_SECURITY_WPS_OPEN       = WPS_ENABLED,                                      WPS with open security
WICED_SECURITY_WPS_SECURE     = (WPS_ENABLED | AES_ENABLED),                      WPS with AES security
WICED_SECURITY_UNKNOWN        = -1,      /** May be returned by scan func if security unknown. Dont pass to join function
    WICED_SECURITY_FORCE_32_BIT   = 0x7fffffff     Exists only to force wiced_security_t type to 32 bits
Windows Internet Naming Service. manages IP addresses
is for I2C devices in Arduinos!!
a single attachment point on a (decoder) "node". can be a valve. master valve. can be an input (on the sensor board).
wireless security
from tomerge/docs/homeNetSecurity.txt
1) USE WPA2.
2) Disable the broadcast of your SSID by your wireless router.
3) Copy the MAC addresses of each of your computers and wireless devices into
   the MAC address table of your wireless router and then set the router to
   ENABLE ONLY those MAC addresses listed.
4) If you have 2 computers and 3 laptops and 2 wireless printers, ONLY create
   8 Internal IP addresses on the DHCP server of your wireless router. DO not
   create more than you need. If every IP address is in use, it's a good thing.

If you follow all the precautions I've listed, even seasoned hackers won't
break through into your wireless network.
There are so few people that actually perform all of these measures correctly.
There are tons of easier targets out there than those that manage to follow
these simple security rules.
see example: ../p/arduino/tempSensorI2C/define_tempSensorI2C.html
see addressing image: ../p/arduino/tempSensor/define_tempSensor.html
image in its doc/ ? : ../p/arduino/tempSensor/doc/tempSensor526.JPG
see also I2C
Well Known Service (RFC 0974)
Wireless Local Area Network controller handles automatic adjustments to RF power, channels, authentication, and security.
Wireless Markup Language. subset of html (?).
(,netw,)wireless mesh networks
(microsoft's term) "group of computers setup to share peripherals and disks". Is the 1st thing you see entering "Network Neighborhood". More akin to a linux "group" than a "domain" Apparently a workgroup name can be used in email etc definitions to define membership for all the set's members. Limited to 15 alpha chrs, _ and $ ok. all UPPERCASE heavily advised max of 8, no $ NT4 suggests workgroup be defaulted to WORKGROUP win ME suggests "MSHOME"
WI-FI Protected Access. in linksys G doc. stronger than WEP
(,netw,)wireless sensor networks
(,netw,)Wi-Fi Protected Access. beware of 'feature' called "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" as it has a breach.
(,netw,) _THE_ real WPA. beware of 'feature' called "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" as it has a breach. uses CCMP, a 256bit AES-based encryption. (AES-CCMP)
(,netw,) Also referred to as WPA-PSK (Pre-shared key) mode, it is designed for home and small office networks and doesn't require an authentication server
(,netw,)Wi-Fi Protected Setup. feature which has a security hole. "don't use"
X11 forwarding
By default, you can also tunnel specific graphical applications through an SSH session. For example, you could connect over the Internet to your PC and run nautilus "file://$HOME" to see your PC's home folder.
certificate standard.
combo of XML and html
linked from 'ramloader','flashloader'. in uclinux stuff
program which displays graphics images and shows x,y locations
"c2builder", the name I use when logging into Yahoo (followed by password) Some Yahoo docs call this 'username' (?)
is an automatic updater and package installer/remover for rpm systems. It automatically computes dependencies and figures out what things should occur to install packages. It makes it easier to maintain groups of machines without having to manually update each one using rpm." Per Yum's website ( see also $doc/Yum*.pdf installs on multiple machines, needs web server in LAN
refers to a (de)compression library. see man zlib shows in png makefile too. seems to get special treatment in dir tree too. zlib mentioned in SSH docs.
(,hydrovation,) has been discussed as being 1:1 with valve but that may be dangerous oversimplification. By name, it is an area of ground. In unusual plumbing arrangements that zone can be watered by valves selecting clean water, gray water, or fertilized water.
zone of authority
((inter)networking sense): a LAN which is an administrative unit, addressable as a domain. The machines under the domain name may be more numerous than those administered by the zone of the same name; that is, some sub-parts of the domain may be other zones. see Linux Net Admin Guide, p73 A zone has a "zone file", admin person, >= 2 nameservers.