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Project Overview

This 'ClimateFix' project is about home owners reducing, possibly eliminating their carbon footprint. Ideally, the ideas are attractive enough that they can be rapidly spread, exponentially, to huge numbers of people.

Phase 1

  1. "Research". Read up! Learn! See and

  2. "MyHouse", a project. Apply acquired info in planning changes to 'my house'. This serves as a concrete expression of the research info. Doing such a project also tests the concepts learned during the research phase. This effort should enhance the participants' credibility.
    • strategy
    • measurements. A part of this effort is visible in the table here.
    • products. considered, chosen, reviewed
    • insulation, dual pane windows, power mgmt. azolla. sci amer 7/15/2015 TODO ok here?
    • costs
    • summary. time, money, performance, lessons learned

  3. "ClimateTalk". This effort produces and tests material to be used in selling the ideas and experience to locals.
    • Design/write web pages summarizing the previous stages.
    • 'OutReach' == write, test the speeches and texts made during this stage
      • reality check. "kicking the tires"
      • summarize what works, what doesn't

  4. "outReach" (was ClimateCoax,ccSpread). Distribute ClimateTalk and MyHouse exponentially, like chain-letters.
    • needs a centralizing website/database to award 'points'== how many I've affected
    • a participant ?should be able to interact w/ their 'decendants list' (?)
      • encourage, advise, compliment
      • any way to measure (accumulated) progress?
    • ?how to keep ppl fm cheating? (which would make a farce out of it)
    • rewards, newpaper etc

  5. Help define a 'soft landing' for fossil fuel companies, employees...
    Some are rich and powerful; some not. Their employees R US. Difficult industries to redirect.
    • The SoCalGas story
    • Refineries. eg Valero in Benicia
    • More: link

Phase 2, Beyond 'MyHouse' (perhaps 'YourHouse' !)

Industry problems

SoCalGas story is sad even from the company's perspective. The company is trying SO hard, even cheating, to be allowed to grow. While their dishonesty makes them easy-er to dismiss, there is a sad human side to their story, one that probably attends similar, fossil fuel ventures. In short, they have built a large physical network of gas piping to serve their communities. That network requires maintenance to be safe (remember the San Carlos fire/explosion ?). Their biz model was/is? to expand that network and charge users for the delivery of NatGas. How does one wind down such a business? How do you assist (if possible) the change to an alternate energy source (electricity)? How do keep talented staff? SoCalGas wants to add "biogas" to the gas they're piping on the argument that a "carbon neutral" fuel like biogas will reduce the pollution impact to acceptable levels.

The 1911xx story of Utah's desire to ship coal to the far east is similar. Imagine the funding and plans to dig out the coal, only to find that no west coast ports will allow coal to be shipped. Last heard, they're considering asking Ensenada, Mexico, to be a port for them.

CC could push insurance companies to the brink Economist ref, page 77

Status, by region

United Nations summary

75% emissions come from 12 (richest) economies ref02,p14 now wind and sun are 7% of world's total gen. ref02,p28 recurring question (ref02, many places) "what do {oil,NatGas,etc} workers do when their product no longer sold". Applies to Std Oil, Chevron, Valero...
UN "Agriculture is responsible for 80% of global deforestation.
    Climate & environmental impacts of food production must be minimized."

UN "food systems release 29% of global GHGs"
UN "Ag accounts for 70% of freshwater use" Austrailia. 90% citizens think govt not doing enuf. ref02,p46 Austrailia: several large fires. 191111 Brittain (England mostly) Brittain has basically stopped using coal, ref02,p85 Brittain (France & Denmark) "legally bound" to "net-zero" by 2050 ref02,p63 { north sea. 4 wind turbines every 7 days. end goal 174, Hornsea 1 (#2 will be bigger) 2018 brittain had 8 GW (1.3 x germany's). by 2030 30 GW. urgency partly from spread of electric cars. competitive auctions longer blades will have dia 167m ! wind is now 1/4 of B's renewables. price will lower to B'$ 57 per mWhr // B'$ 140 is about 3x wholesale price. B'$ == pounds don't have the batteries to support lots of wind. } California aiming for "net zero" by 2045 Canada 2019 already 'plastic free' ! (hd to believe(?)) Chili considering signing up for "net zero" by 2050 China is biggest polluter. plan to peak by 2030 but econ worries. more coal req'd output 9.8 Gt (of 31 Gt total/yr). ref02,p30 With the abdication of the US, China has become a world leader. "Belt and Road" where they are teaching other countries how to fix their carbon output. ref02,p46 ref02,p47 { 1/3 of world's wind power now in china Coal has been china's main source but it's reducing. now less than 60 percent building more nuclears. has 47 there's a push to peak at 2025, not 2030 economy slower. 300+ coal plants requested ! shanghai threatened by sea level rise China and India make 70% of coal powered electricity. ref04,p90 Coal also used in steel and cement industries. China 50% of world's coal use. } Costa Rica 1 of 4 countries 98% renewables already! 100% renewables (1of4) well before target date electric busses. lotsa solar! 2019 already 'plastic free' ! Europe (as a whole) output 4.9Gt (of 31 Gt total/yr). ref02,p30 France using a lot of nuclear and 'life is good'. France (Brittain & Denmark) "legally bound" to "net-zero" by 2050 ref02,p85 (France isn't even mentioned in several books about climate...) Germany germany's efforts probably made solar less expensive for all. ref02,p14 "wind and solar farms have become cheap enough, in many instances, to outcompete even gas" coal ppl want 2030 targets moved to 2038 ref02,p60 { they mine 'brown coal' (lignite), very dirty. miners asking for 2030 goal to be moved to 2038 germany will subsidize coal areas w/ 44bn$; utilities worried enviro's want 1995 levels x 0.55 by 2038 2/3 of lignite workers are over 45. ?? possible hydrogen plant? carbon price... } Iceland. 100% renewables (1of4). has geothermal, hydro India{ ref02,p46 last 3 yrs, has invested more in renewables, lg tax on coal, cheaper solar, 300d/yr sunny. Has said they won't build more coal plants, in part b/c their plants have been so unreliable. ref04,p90 as of 2009, india still had 400m ppl w/o electricity. night lights candles, kerosene. Now have per-house solar panels, $200. $40 solar lanterns. 'Green Power' chapter, p93+ } india Italy ref02,p61{ Puglia Italy. boot. olive trees dying. bacteria climate not root cause - but it is helping the spread Venice: worst flood in 50 years 191112 } Norway. 100% renewables (1of4). has hydro, wind Panama. drought. not enuf water in canal for largest ships. refEcon p38 Paraguay 100% renewables (1of4). has hydro Portugal. yields down ref02,p61 Spain ref02,p61 { has water shortage. } USA output 5.3Gt (of 31 Gt total/yr). ref02,p30 among young, 85% believe in CC morgan stanley ad for 'green bonds'. ref02,p15, Trump LOOSENED regulations on methane ! ref02,p31 ref02,p32{ 57% americans view CC as "major threat". Democrats 84% chart shows mostly Repub states getting hurt by CC "phase out subsidies for fossil fuels". they exist !! some have idea to tax goods fm countries which aren't trying. aid for zero-emissions electricity in poor countries. - to counter China's support for coal. politicians. dems in coal areas, L Graham, M Gaetz 2 R's support carbon tax climate skepticism is R doctrine USA has a tariff against chinese solar panels (to support USA's businesses) but it results in a net loss of installation jobs. ref04,~p89 }

Sea level rise has passed tipping point so it'll continue to rise !

Bangladesh, 9/16

from @MikeHudema
Bangladesh has been installing 50000 solar systems per month on residences for, on average, the last 100 months (5 million). Population 163 million.
(while US and Canada are still talking about pipelines).

Britain, 9/19

85% of the populace "worried"


from Jude Clemente:
Since California first installed its Renewable Portfolio Standard in 2003, NatGas' share in the power generation mix has actually risen from 47% then to 61% in 2016.
NatGas efficiency generating electricity. (caution: this writer seems pro-oil) Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation requiring California's utilities to obtain 100 percent of their electricity from zero-carbon sources by the end of 2045 (including 60% renewable energy sources by 2030) California accounts for 38.9% of U.S. solar capacity and 31.7% of solar jobs. (

China 9/16

from @MikeHudema:
produces 2/3 of world's solar panels.
built the world's largest floating solar farm in S China
doubled its solar capacity last year
installs enough solar panels every hour of every day to cover ___.
has already exceeded its 2020 goals for solar capacity.
new goal is 213 GigaWatts of solar power by 2020.
installs a new wind turbine every hour.
Renewables are still only has 20% of china's energy.
outstripping its own solar and wind power targets.


generates all needed electricity using renewable energy


The Netherlands will cut its 1990 greenhouse-gas emissions level by 95 percentó exceeding the Paris Agreement goals.


generates all needed electricity using renewable energy

USA, in general 9/16

Greta: more Americans worried but < 40% expect to make "major sacrifices". Oil industry is pushing NatGas as a "clean alternative" (to coal). coal plants have been closing at a good rate. ref04,~p87 Still talking about new pipelines. There are over 1.47 million solar panels in use across the contiguous 48 states, according to satellite machine learning from researchers at Stanford. Solar energy accounts for 1.6% of total U.S. electricity generation. == 7¤7 mTons CO2.

Related Projects

Carbon Capture. Removing CO2 from air
There are apparently (at least 2) methods of removing CO2 from the air. Bill Gates has invested in one effort in Washington State. wikip "Carbon capture and storage"

"A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, Jennifer Wilcox, 7/26/2018 Our planet has a carbon problem -- if we don't start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we'll grow hotter, faster. Chemical engineer Jennifer Wilcox previews some amazing technology to scrub carbon from the air, using chemical reactions that capture and reuse CO2 in much the same way trees do ... but at a vast scale. This detailed talk reviews both the promise and the pitfalls.

Carbon Engineering described. liquid-based capture. uses NatGas for heat

Swiss-based ... solid capture. Global Thermostat. compact design.

Climeworks, Swiss company. partly funded by Bill Gates.

amazon rain forest uptakes 1.6GtCO2 per year. 5.5 million km2. capture folks want to use the carbon in products, not bury it. DAC 11200 km2. "synthetic forest" 500 times more eff than ?nature need investment, regulations, subsidies, taxes on carbon, R&D $, 0.5% domestic product fm feds or about 100 billion dollars, 200 synth forests, aircraft and airlines about 5% of US solar -> electricity -> water -> electrolysis -> hydrogen -> replacement for NatGas "negative emission" techs shouldn't be seen as permission to continue our present use patterns.

Carbon Sequestration. putting it somewhere
So far in my reading, I see the following possibilities:
  • BAD. burying it in an underground chamber. Expensive. difficult. NIMBY
  • make and sell products containing carbon.
  • get new plants to take up the carbon. Let plants die and naturally fall to the bottom of a lake or get turned over (deeply) in soil.
Cooking without (natural) gas
Product "Sous Vide" is ~$170 and does a remarkable job cooking meet in your choice of pots. The model familiar to the author was made by Anova and is shown and summarized in the following video:

Friends report that the results are perfectly cooked but don't have the familiar seared look. They will throw it on a gas grill for 2 minutes or torch it with a hand-held propane torch.

For outdoor (electric) grilling, the Weber Q1400 grill, $269, seems good but is small compared to modern gas grills. If just added color to a Sous Vide steak, propane torch works well. Personally, I think a microwave does just fine and is cheaper to run electrically.

Heating a home without (natural) gas
Some options:
  • heat pump maybe $3000 ?...have to determine size needed.
  • Solar (thermal) ~90% efficient
  • De'Longhi PACAN120EW-3A Pinguino Whisper Cool Portable Air Conditioner with Real Feel Mode, 450 sq. ft. $403, Amazon, close off house during extreme temps
Heating a hot tub inexpensively
Easiest is just to keep the temperature setting low (80F, or lower). Consider only using it on weekends... Solar (thermal) ~90% efficient vs electrical heating, insulation losses
PGE bill, finding yours may need to start off knowing your account number, eg 6899097009-4 During the signup for access, you'll choose some 'secrets', like first pet's name, mother's maiden name. record account number? (don't think I needed it...) USERNAME fill in, eg c2builder PASSWORD fill in check box 'Remember My Username' click SIGN IN (options: Pay your bill analyze your usage <-- manage your account 1st page shows gas for the current billing period (rt most wont be filled in yet). upper rt has selector. "Natural Gas". Can pull it down to "Electricity". see eUsage2019octNov.png. ?scale fm pixels to dollars 2.41, 2.14?


/* central parking area for ideas */ cover CCC shopping center parking lots w/ solar panels PGE: what's needed to put panels over a large parking lot? 2 directional pwr kickback for solar(?)

_FLOAT_ solar panels in backyd pool ? would need to remove and stack...

Slow down airplanes from 550 to 440. on the numerous short-ish flights(?) search for 'Slow down airplanes'

powering ships w/ ammonia !? ref02,p85
CONTAIN bovine gases in structures. cover structures w/ panels
road transport could be electrified, ref02,p14
don't waste time urging investors to dump fossil-fuel stocks. B Gates
float solar. wide channel, south of Rio Vista?, 'pond' nr CCR, near outlet of Napa River


"To get something done, go see your mayor!" (Early in Bloomberg/Pope book)

EBtimes, Barbara, Twits: papers should run series on converting houses to noGas. write Barb; visit newspaper(s)

trashCo: prep to take CO2-making appliances(?)

{_realtors_ know what block of houses ('tract') were made to roughly the same design and time. A small number of such 'tract' houses could be examined to determine the size of the stove area, how the electrical was connected and distributed. eg 'Eichler homes'. Ask Steve! or the woman who represented the seller for 39pw. }

what to do w/ charcoal? grind and bury in soil? (returning carbon to the soil...).
Charcoal-based composts(?!), refBloom, p209

YouTube. "a CC solution that's right under our feet". Asmeret Asefaw Berhe. 13:42 _soil_ is the answer. author a soil scientist. ocean and soil are absorbing 1/2 of CO2. natural ecosystems will be saturated after a while. degradation. more carbon in soil has 2x { all the plants, trees, and in air } plants (decaying in the absence of oxygen) make CO2.

Stacked Solar. cylinder(?)

could build calc sequences using Javascript. as done for electric car page:
    Rcalcs // for insulation (?)
    Power Calcs.
    mileage // van. odometer. GHG. when van purchased
    solar wiring.
Reducing airplane pollution: october
The gallons/mile is proportional to the aerodynamic drag which is
proportional to the square of the airspeed. I think jets fly at 550
miles per hour. But if they fly at 440 mph, 0.8 of 550, the
instaneous fuel use would be 0.8 x 0.8 = 0.64 of the present value.
     440   440
     --- x ---  gives the proportion of fuel use rate at the slower speed
     550   550

Unfortunately, at the slower speed, the plane takes longer enroute,
by the opposite fraction

     --- is how much the flight time stretches at the slower speed.

Putting it all together, the net fuel is 'fuel use rate' x 'flight time'

     440   440   550   440
     --- x --- x --- = --- = 0.8   so we saved 20%
     550   550   440   550

So... the flight time is longer by 550/440 = 1.25 and this would be painful
on an already long flights - but maybe it wouldn't be as unpopular on the
(more numerous) short haul flights.

Planting Trees (several countries are doing this)
Pakistan plans over a billion trees !
There are several types of 'fake trees'
- sorta look like a tree
- some blobs just act like a tree wrt absorbing CO2
- some are metal things with 'branches' and various energy generating gadgets spinning.