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 Vehicle related links

 some as creative as MITs car (left)


car insurance . org

A young student found this site. It contains information about driving laws, links directly to DMV sites in various states, as well as insurance info. Its section "Alternative Fuels" provides a good summary of terminology on a variety of fuels, ethanol for example.

One of my personal, long-standing quests is to resolve the issue of whether "jack rabbit starts" is a concept outdated by modern, computer-controlled fuel injection. On this pet issue of mine, the Alternative Fuels section only warned against "aggressive driving" and suggested "driving sensibly". I can't really fault the site for skirting the issue as everyone else seems to do. I may have to take my questions to Click and Clack on NPR radio.

Thanks to Allison and her student for passing along the link to this site!

This is the list of links I try to visit regularly, in order of interest.
linkdescription, comments
autoblog autobloggreen is an environment oriented site focused on energy
Lynne Mason good overview of many parts of EV world: motor types, battery suppliers...
Rick Doran ; watch for changes.
EV in progress Great website. 'Eve'. interesting group. check 'recent comment', bottom of list.
ZWheels San Antonio, Tx. 3 wheeler. due end of '08. prices? progress?
ECOworld Lots going on... See 'Vehicles' section at top.
calcars Energetic PHEV group. good approach. not 100% electric.
e2 org 'Environmental Entrepeneurs'. for small businesses making eco-friendly
products. Much broader than just cars.
EV World Forums "Online Magazine". 'Forums' may just be way too slow...

Batteries, where to recharge, suppliers

linkdescription, comments
Elite Power Solutions U.S. distributor of Thundersky's Li-ion batteries.
beepscom supplier of EV batteries, motors... looks v. good.
big battery pdf maybe more than you want to know about batteries, suppliers. Feb 2008.
Written by Chris Jones, pres of the Santa Rosa EAA.
evchargernews where to recharge. sample
Nor Cal charging map This is a Aug08 copy of a map which I believe was put out by the Santa Rosa EAA. It has a
strong Santa Rosa bias to its coloring. It also biases the colors to EVs with 35 mile range.

conversion logs, stories and pix of what they did

linkdescription, comments
Straubel's site Tesla CTO. Porsche 944, controller, IGBTs, PIC cpu. bicycle...
reverse trike eastern club focusing on trikes w/ 2 wheels up front. not nec electric.
Birkin S3 cool e-conversion of a nice looking, 2 place kit car. Siemens AC motor.
Metric Mind "No Compromise" conversion of an Audi A6, 2 AC motors, $12,000 liquid cooled EVISOL inverter from Holland.
Mustang, Lithium Chris Jones, Santa Rosa EAA. Agilent. 40mile range. $29k total
$740 rebate
Fiero story about Pontiac Fiero being converted to electric. The book "Convert It" suggests the
Fiero be avoided; "it's heavier than it looks"
Blue Meanie ref'd by some w/ great reverence. fast. most modern(?) Zilla Z1K controller
2340 lb Datsun. 100mph, 25 mi range. 92 HP
porche 914 Cafe Electric owner's. not made for distance/commute. has parts list.
austin ev this group has over 1200 ev's, I'm told. surf it.

plan-built EVs and kits

linkdescription, comments
indyCycle Indy style body. very narrow & sleek. my fave as of 9/2/08. 760 lbs.
KTA Ramona, CA, supplier of motors, controllers. THE place according to
Jerry Karmin. 877.465.8238, 760.787.0896,
EDRIVE convert a Prius into a PHEV
trimagnum 3 wheeler there's a yahoo group. usually a kawasaki frame and vw front end 1200 lbs w/ 80hp engine
-there's a 3 wheeler called TRex. wide, low. google it
trimuter 3 wheeler kit car. rumors of rollovers? goggle it. lotta work, methinks
Doran Plans-built car. FWD, Subaru parts. description from, Gorilla
Doran has molds to the Doran plans-built EV. From Gorilla
ZWheels San Antonio, Tx. 3 wheeler. due end of '08. no prices yet. 288 volts
San Geronimo Airpark (8T8), Gary Krysztopik, pilot, EAA 35 2nd sat
ea month, (210) 722-2977,;
last email exchanges 6/5, 7/2

sources of help, blogs

linkdescription, comments
EVDL Electric Vehicle Discussion List. San Jose St Univ.
vortex welded, fiberglassed 3 wheeler. looks nice. interesting motorcycle drive.
Dan Lenox offers help,, 304-789-6248
He was going to build a triMagnum but thought the Vortex was much better. home page. plans-built vortex.
EV World Forums "Online Magazine". Slow moving but a lot of people seem to need help...
Roy Roy Kaylor. sells conversion kit based on older style aircraft
starter/gen. cell: 831-234-9703
Jerry J Karmin. has done EVs for > 20 yrs; Mtn View; solar panels, house, has
made several electric vehicles., cell: (415) 505-3101.
Jerry recommended KTA for parts, motors...
EV Assoc another EAA. Electric Auto Assoc. has chapters "all over"
eaa-phev from a brochure
EV Silicon V. Silicon Valley EAA. 3rd saturday of the month
SJ EAA San Jose EAA. meets at Reid Hillview A/P, 2nd Sat of month, 10-12
EV in progress Great website. Describes the thinking behind the conversion of a small Ford. The writer is
the guy who wrote the calculator at; in fact
the whole website is his doing. Moreover, an interesting collection
of EV'ers post questions and results. Look at the right margin for
recent posts. You can pick up practical tips the theory won't tell ya.
calcs calculating range. comparing battery types and configurations. DIY Electric
DIY forums Do-It-Yourself electric car forums. New Zealand (?)

theory, modeling data, real info on parts

linkdescription, comments
Zero Emissions, Austrailia Apparently a very visible EV company in Austrailia. They sell some parts (controller, etc)
motor types clear explanations of Series wound DC, permanent magnet (stator), brushless DC (permanent magnet rotor), and AC induction.
electrical engineering training texts on generators, motor types. very good. Lynne Mason ref'd.
Metric Mind Metric Mind, N. Oregon, see advanced conversion and its calcs, also called the
No Compromise conversion. Uses SI units. Sells mostly European components.
aero drag fresh thoughts on calculating aerodynamic drag.
batteries about battery problems with temperature. testing a battery.
video DVD shows pickup truck being converted to electric
album of previous EV projects. use Next button. good!
vortex mini Another "Vortex" but this is more an NEV. beautiful however
3 wheelerscycle-car, tri-car
paper in
yellow binder
"The Physics of Automobile Energy Consumption", D.Koon, St.Lawrence Univ, July 2005.
force calculations for connection to whpm. 3000 lb car example.
paper journalist's. need to review. seen in EV world forum response. jstack6
drag equation Wiki's entry on Drag equation, 'drag area'
drag coef Wiki's entry on Drag Coefficient, Drag equation, 'drag area'
Prius Analysis a goldmine of analysis. mostly Prius. weather effects too. rolling res.
Rolling R More than you want to know about tires. From the govt.
E/mile reference for Energy per mile! at 60 mph. googled 'watt-hours per mile'
calculator check html source and the Uve, hemp links. interesting but hafta know
1 liter  Volkswagen. designed to go 100 km on 1 liter of gas
Loremo >150 mpg German car
Sherry Boschert author of "Plug-in Hybrids, the cars that will recharge America"
Batteries listing of real LA batteries, prices. think it's current. EV

parts, suppliers

linkdescription, comments
ZEVA Zero Emissions, Austrailia. Apparently a very visible EV company in Austrailia. They sell some parts (controller, etc)
Atmel AC controller evaluation kit. board and s/w. ATAVRMC200, $317
motor: ATAVRMC201 3-phase 4-pole. by Almo (their p/n MTA56G4)
90W, 230W, 1320 rpm. $105.
Gorilla has a very small "utility EV" and molds to the Doran plans- built EV.
KTA SoCal supplier of motors, controllers. THE place. 877.465.8238, 760.787.0896, Ramona. not far from airport.
Solectria AC motors, controllers
ElectroAuto Sell conversion kits. pricey. from the guy who wrote "Convert It", Santa Cruz. A/C.
Hot Rod Related article seen in a hot rod mag 6/1/08. You can order chassis,
body etc from this company. No one's converted this car.
JC Whitney mail order parts, cosmetics to serious mechanical parts
solar panels EBay ad. 18panels of 24VDC $5289., 800-222-0017
Cafe Electric makers of Zilla 1000amp controllers, Corvallis, Oregon.
Netgain motor maker. Web site discusses heat effects. (I understand "Advanced" is better...)
manzanita top-of-the-line charger (well, most expensive...). smallest (PFC-20) is $1860.

commercially made EVs

linkdescription, comments
CycleCar Electro Ride, Belmont CA, offers these.
roadster Atom chassis with Zilla controller. beautiful!
GM's EV1 The very sad story about Gen Motors EV-1 project and greed. Good design CRUSHED.
EV-1 website Copy of the EV-1 website. on
Aptera website. hybrid. Carlsbad Calif. good info on their site.
Wrightspeed X1 the open chassis seen at Goldenwest flyin. 'Atom' chassis. $150K prototype
Miles Miles Electric. EV mfg. induction motor. 13000 lbs CO2 reduction per EV
Miles EV Santa Monica EV company. China. 50mi range. 500 sold. 4 door sedan. colleges. mil bases
Think OxNorwegian EV. see photos page. TODO here and glossary

industry & govt news, gossip, announcements

linkdescription, comments
plugin america from a brochure.
plugin partners from a brochure. supposed to join this... must have wrtn brochure...
ECOworld article on Chevy Volt. 16kwh (400 lbs !), series hybrid.
EV world check it out.
calcars Totally focused (?) on "plug-in hybrids", aka "PHEV"s
e2 org I believe this site is for small businesses making eco-friendly products and
for the curious trying to keep up on such matters.
autoblog autobloggreen is an environment oriented site focused on energy efficient cars.

costs, rebates, tax breaks

linkdescription, comments
ARB $ incentives up to $5000 from Air Resources Board. put in zipcode, type veh etc.
electric rates $0.12/kwh in calif. table lists all states.
ECOworld Great article on costs of running fully electric car, future of batteries. generator.