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 The full list of options

  1. buy a tiny, gas-powered car, like a "SmartCar". One owner/ reviewer said this was "definitely not a freeway car". Maybe the SmartCar is the wrong choice from this genre. It certainly appears to have poor aerodynamics. $12,000.
  2. buy a diesel-powered car. (doesn't save enough $)
  3. buy and convert a diesel to use vegetable oil. (veggie oil getting scarce?)
  4. buy a motorcycle. (would be a tough sell to whats-her-name...)
  5. rent an apartment or room near work. (another tough sell... not cheap...)
  6. buy a hybrid, eg: Prius. (freeway drivers say they don't save you much)
  7. buy a Prius; convert to PHEV
  8. buy an all-electric car. best bang/$/time is the Aptera, early 2009 ?
  9. convert a car to run only off electricity. This entails carefully buying a car and a conversion kit.
  10. build a 3-wheel chassis, probably from plans, and build a fairing for it. The concern with this option is that it becomes a loooong project.
  11. convert a car to run off electricity but include a gas-powered generator reduce the chances of getting stranded. (an improvement on the numbers above)
  12. get/make an aerodynamically clean body and chassis then add a small gas or diesel motor to it. Big project (?)
  13. use mass transit as appropriate but take some kind of car from the end of the mass transit line to work. (might work but time consuming)